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please help me find a new game.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Kanatiki, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. plz help me in finding a skill based game. I really enjoyed Monster Hunter series...also enjoyed WoW(for a time), a few FPSers (CS 1.6, CoD singleplayer), RPGs like dragon age, nwn, mass effect (bioware makes good stuff, but buggy). Gary's mod was also fun for a time. But mostly i feel like all games lack something important or added useless stuff, like elder scrolls morrowind and oblivion. If only those two games merged without that skill leveling system and creatures leveling with also not a fan of user created stuff unless it is truly exeptional, and modding games is just....meh. My favorite game of all time is probably GTA: san andreas or Zelda series, but i didnt play enough of X3 to enjoy it as it should have been. And other GTA-type games pale in comparison. My ultimate dream is space pirating, i only played a few hours and didnt have the expansions that allowed boarding, and i didnt get a true sense of what i could actually do. My laptop broke so my computer is pretty dated.

    ive played Fallout series,
    i own a wii/psp/pc too...limits console games alot :\


    Skill based***
    non fps***
    rpg a plus
    huge timesink/exceptional replay value***
    plays well on mediocre machine (<2005)***
    hard as hell is a big plus / complex as hell
    Sci fi elements a plus
    High production value*** (graphics not interfering with gameplay)

    pretty lost and dont know where else to look, So lost...havent found a big timesink since WoW. My body tells me whether a game is good or not, like GTA has my adrenaline pumping alot, Dragon age did when i faced the dragon for the first time, Monster hunter when i faced new monsters for the first time. MY gaming experience is kindof crappy, i get bored to easily. I cant bring myself to play morrowind, oblivion's creatures leveling with you system is just RETARDED, i cant play it.

    Not a fan of shallow, skill based games like league of legends.

    please help me, just make a list of games for me and a brief reason why you recommend it. My gaming experience is somewhat vast, though i hardly finish them if im not engaged. Ive probably beaten 10% of the games ive played.
  2. Minecraft. You'll enjoy yourself.
  3. I was going to reply until I saw the comment about Morrowind and Oblivion but now I am very offended because I'm a Bethesda fanboy. :mad::p

    But seriously, I can't help you out, sorry, bump.
  4. either halflife game. the second one is amazing and im playing through the first for my first time and its pretty sweet lol
  5. what system? i recommend demon's souls for the ps3. it's exactly what you want, a skill based rpg. and probably one of the most challenging games you'll ever play.
  6. Play pokemon.

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