Please help me find a bong

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  1. Im not to sure of online headshops other than gc and I can't really find a bong that suits my needs. I need a bong with - NO diffusers - NO perc/ashcater. -
    Must be glass - ice pinches would be bonus and a zong would be preferred. I know there are lots but I just don't know what they are and I cant find what I want. Please help
  2. Go to AAqua...Laaab.......Teeeccchh.......Com but not the extra letters
  3. I cant offer much help here but i have to ask for the sake of it. Why in the hell would you want a bong with NO diffusion, Percs, or A/C's?
  4. Cause I smoke poppers. Those things just become too gross and dirty they eventually become
    Pointless. Go ahead make fun of the way I smoke. Its the way I get high , gets me the highest and I enjoy it
  5. All glass gets dirty. That's why you clean it.

    You can find what you need on GC though, look up EHLE.

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