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    hello l got this white widow by seedsman and it's got these spots on it not sure what it is but 1 thing is for sure there are no bugs at all also the other plants did not get affected in the same tent. she's siting in promixsoil she gets fed GH trio calimax once a week or so before I flowered her she was getting mykos and azos she's about 2 weeks in. any help would be appreciated
  2. Looks like it may be calcium deficiency. On what parts of the plant did you cut those leaves from? Or better yet, can you post a pic of the entire plant for better evaluation?
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  3. I have a similar issue, on my lower old big fan leaves only. on all 3 of my plants which 2 just entered flower and 1 auto 3 weeks into flower and I feed with advanced nutrients. I’m curious what the best route to fix this is

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  4. wait I fed them the same shit ane I'm starting to think maybe it's the food?? I did a side by side with 4 diff base nutes ans advanced did the worst of them all.. I will post the whole plant when the light comes on.
  5. I’m thinking like buddy said it’s a Ca Or Mg deficiency and maybe there’s not enough of it included in the advanced nutrients.

    Or an issue with my ph not allowing it to be taken up by the plant properly.

    Or an issue with the coco quir holding onto the K and P not allowing it to bind chemically for plant uptake?

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  6. here's some better pics of the whole plant.. 20190516_132651.jpg 20190516_132537.jpg DSC00282.JPG DSC00284.JPG DSC00286.JPG DSC00287.JPG
  7. [​IMG]

    I ordered this cal mag from advanced nutrients today so we will see if that helps, I’ll show you some pictures of mine tomorrow. Mines a little more on the edges of the leaves with some big brown spots in the middle of the lower old big fan leaves, maybe yours is a more true representation of a calcium/magnesium deficiency?? Maybe mines nutrient burn then. Your plants coming along nicely tho man nice work.

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