please help me figure this out please!

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  1. Hey GC I would like to know where this goes plug into i been doing some research and can't figure it out so please.

  2. 240V outlet
  3. You can get an adapter
  4. I dont need anything special for it?
  5. [quote name='"PotheadRoy1"']I dont need anything special for it?[/quote]

    You have a male plug there, i cant find a picture or the exact specs, but what you need is a cord with a female that matches your male on one end and on the other end a male that goes into the regular outlet
  6. So it just plugs in to a normal wall plug?
  7. No. It uses 220 not 110. You need to run a dedicated circuit for that. What is on the other end?
  8. And there is no adaptor. It uses current in a different way. It runs to hot lines. Normal 110 runs a hot and a neutral. It's not the same.
  9. So what do i use or what do i have to buy to plug in to?


  10. You have two options.
    1) get an electrician to wire you in a 240v dedicated circut with the proper outlet.
    2) you can wire it in yourself.

    If you choose to wire it in go to your breaker box and check to see if there is any unused spots. If so by a two pole 20amp breaker for the empty spot. Turn off the main breaker. Open the box. Actually it's a long process. If you would like to know how to do it let me know and I'll walk you through it.
  11. I have heard of a separate unit i can plug it in to that goes pluged right to a wall plug do you know of this?
  12. You are speaking of a voltage converter. Yes, you would need to be sure that the receptical matched what you needed.
    The issue with that is. The unit you have requires a lot of power either all at once or for the duration of operation. If you plug a voltage converter into a regular wall socket and are running anything else on that circut you will be in danger of constantly overloading the circut and tripping the breaker. You can put a bigger breaker on the same circut but then you could burn your wires.
    Does it say how many amps it uses?
  13. This is what i could find


  14. So from the photos show looks like a big control panel for your grow. Basically it pulls a lot of amps once you have your fans, etc. tied in. It most defiantly needs a dedicated circut. Pretty neat. It would probably be worth the effort.
  15. You wouldn't want to tie it into a voltage converter. That's in some way what it is already. It converts 220 or 240 to 110 or 120.
  16. So what you suggest i get or do?can you look at my forum that says please help it has some info i put on there about this.
  17. First time grow first time here
  18. Does your breaker box have 2 open spaces?
  19. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but if you don't know what a 220v plug is, you really shouldn't be doing the wiring yourself. If you don't properly terminate things, you could potentially start a fire. Its best to call an electrician and if he asks what its for, tell him a washing machine or like a freezer or something.
  20. Yeah you are right but i have read a couple different threads saying i don't need to plug it in to a wall plug that i buy a separate box that i plug this into and the you know what this box is?

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