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  1. Hi all :wave:...I will try get straight to the point.

    Ok so i am a newbie when it comes to growing and im looking to start in doors with a hydroponics system. I am not interested in using soil at all. I have very limited space and i dont have access to a closet either. The space im dealing with is a small bedroom. I dont want to build it myself either so that is out of the question.

    I have seen so many different hydroponic system options ranging from dirt cheap with not much included to overly expensive all in one with everything you need including the grow and dry space. I have even seen systems that come with everything you need to start growing but they always seem to lack lighting or the fact that you may need space to grow and dry. I would love to just spend top dollar on an all in one, everything included system but i cant afford it right i also want to start out small and not get in over my head. Starting out with one plant oppose to 8 would be great for me considering one good plant is capable of producing a pound.

    The one bucket bubble system peaked my interested but then there's the fact that i still need lights and a space to grow and dry. All of this can get pretty overwhelming. Makes me wanna smoke just thinking about it!

    Please give me any advice you feel would be helpful as i set out on this
    journey...all is appreciated. I have looked through the forum as well but still wanted to ask directly. Thanks everyone.

    Just blaze!
  2. i think you shouldn't be too worried about the construction if you built a setup for only one plant. if you use coco, you don't need any recirculation, just drainage would suffice... using cfl's pvc and panda paper (poly black-white) you could build a structure that'd be great for just one plant... but again it all depends on the strain you want to grow, how often you'll be home to water, price range, time constraints, etc.
  3. there's no way your going to achieve one pound... im not trying to knock your hopes man, but its a pretty hard thing to do using CFL's

    what is your budget?
    are you sure you wanna go hydro?
    are you sure you don't wanna go HPS/MH?
    how handy are you? you said you didn't wanna build a grow room, but what about building a hydroponics system? do you have tools?

    pretty much price dictates everything, then space requirements... you have a good size room, if you have some scratch you should fill it, but i know how you feel not wanting to get overwhelmed...
  4. yea, i usually pull less than half a pound per plant, i mean, i keep them pretty small, but a pound per plant seemed kinda "ambitious" lol but a cfl setup would easily get you 3 or 4 ounces off of an average sized plant...
  5. Hey guys...i really appreciate your knowledge...
    Ok well whats the most i could get outta one plant? I havent decided on a strain yet either. First i gotta get the system lol.
    I dont kno what to do! every time i think i got it something else comes up and confuses the hell outta me. Yes im sure i want to go hydro and no i dont wanna build no time for that. I can build computers but im not handy when it comes to shit like this lol. I just want a system that does it all for me all i wanna do is have to change water and nutrients and keep a watchful eye on my plant, check in on the ph...i just want things to be a simple as possible. I dont really have a budget just cant spend thousands of dollars on a complete system and space. I'm willing to invest a good amount for some solid lights too. I would like a light setup thats good for the veg stage and flowering.

    What do u guys think of these options SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Dual Spectrum Bubbleponics® Complete Kit

    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Bucketeer DWC Kit

    With these options all i would have to invest in further are possibly lights and an grow tent......i guess! Hope i dont sound like a total dimwit when it comes to this. Just need some good guidance.

    Just blaze!
  6. out of those two, i would choose the second link... I don't like having multiple plants mixing roots in the same DWC... if you end up stressing a plant to male you have a problem

    keep in mind...

    you need 100 watts minimum for the first plant 50 after that.. most say 100 per
    your going to need nutrients
    power strip
    ph pen(including your calibration and storage solutions)

    why don't you just post a budget and see what we can come up with

    where are you growing?
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    Ok cool.......

    My budget is around $200 to $500. thats the range i wanna stay in right now.
    I will be growing in my bedroom. I dont have any closet space so i will be needing to set up a small grow tent. If i go with the second system i feel i will be able to slide that in my room and build around it with the other materials i need to go with it. cant i get one light thats good for veg and flowering? what do u think dude? will i be able to make it happen?
  8. i think he was asking where as in what area geographically... for instance, im in california growing medicinal marijuana legally, making my setup stealth isn't necessary... if it needs to be a bit more discreet, that can change your prices
  9. I live in nyc...where anything and everything is illegal. We have all the harsh laws here...f*uckin sux! So yes i have to be extremely discreet.
  10. Ok so what do you guys think of this setup? What else would i need to add to this? I was thinking of buying the seperate the HPS for flowering and MH light for veg instead of using the CFL that comes with it. Unless the CFL will suffice. I will probably buy a small grow tent to go with this for my growing space. Let me kno what u think i am ready to start growing asap! Thanks guys...

    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Bucketeer DWC & Parabolic Light Complete Kit
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    i use t5 for veg because it generates less heat than mh. i used mh for saltwater fishtanks, but that is as far as my knowledge goes there...
    idk, if i was using cfls, i would want more than one bulb, and if i got an hps or an mh for that matter, i'd wanna do more than one plant... also, i have never used a dwc setup, i just use coco... it is easier, imo, and costs less, and produces just as well if not better
  12. damn i just cant seem to get everything together. how about you tell me more about the coco method you does it work and why do you feel its easier?
  13. coco is a fiber that looks like soil but works like hydroponics... you simply put nutrients in your water, ph it to be slightly acidic, and then water your plants with about 20% run-off... so a dish under your plants is necessary... if there is ever an issue with over-nuteing you can flush the soil and it will help solve the problem super quick and typically help plants become healthier faster

    this is a must-read on GC imo

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