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Please Help Me Choose a Type of Strain? Depression, PTSD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ispeakforthetrees, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. I've read conflicting information on how to treat Major Depression and PTSD with cannabis. I think what I need is a strong Sativa with high THC content, but I read somewhere that CBD is the active ingredient I should be looking for. I read that THC can make a person very tired, so someone with depression would want low THC content. I need a strong energy boost to counter depression.

    Does anyone have advice? Is a Sativa with high THC right for depression?

    Depression is extremely hard to go through. I've had excellent results with street cannabis before, and I've also had street cannabis that didn't quite work the way I hoped it would.

    I'm medically authorized now. This is a huge step for me since I've tried countless conventional medications for years with bad results. I just need to figure out which strains or what types of strains to use, and I need a better understanding of THC and CBD.

    The cannabis that helped me the most gave me energy, focus, creativity, happiness and didn't effect my appetite or make me tired.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help.
  2. You are definitely on the right track.
    Stay away from indica all together.
    Medical Cannabis Dispensaries will likely have
    CBD tinctures which you should highly invest in.
    some have drops that go under the tongue (tinctures),
    and some you ingest orally (pills/edibles). A lot of
    blades here will tell you to invest in a portable vape
    pen or a home size vaporizer and purchase sativa
    cartridges/oils/wax. I'm more into the flower myself,
    but I'm all for healthier ingesting of cannabis any
    time. browse and see menus from
    local dispensaries, call and see if they have CBD
    extracts/tinctures/oils and they will help you out if
    they are a good collective, they won't try to force
    unnecessary things.  You've definitely got a grip on
    the basics so stay on track and it's honestly trial and
    error and becoming in tune with your body and mind.
    peace and love,
  3. I would highly suggest you ask a professional or google the info. If you come on GC asking assholes like myself, you will get a sarcastic answer.
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  4. Thanks for the tips! Since I'm in Canada, I can only legally access dried cannabis. No pills or tinctures or oils, it's all illegal.
    I've been using a portable vape. I bought an ascent. It's no volcano but it's great for it's size and price.

    I'll stay away from indicas. It seems like most of the available medical cannabis is hybrid.

    I received my first order of medical cannabis and it's a Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC content of 22% and CBD of 0.07%.

    I thought I made the right choice until I read that THC makes a person sleepy and CBD gives energy. I always thought it was the other way around.
  5. I'm fine with some snark. Not everyone's going to be a sarcastic asshole.
    I've googled. My confusion came from googling.
    You made the right choice. It's not accurate that "THC makes a person sleepy and CBD gives energy." Whether weed will be sedative depends upon the combination of THC and CBD, among other things. Generally, high levels of CBD and CBN cause drowsiness.
  7. Thank you! That's exactly what I thought.
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  8. AK-47 can leave you relaxed and mellow. It works on me. It is also easy to grow and has a short indoor flowering time of just 53 to 63 days.
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    Just be careful with strong Sativas because occasionally they can cause some paranoia and anxiety. You might want to start out with a high THC strong Sativa properties strain that is balanced by some CBD content and maybe 1/4 or 1/3 crossed with Indica which will keep you calmer. It's all trial and error my dude. People react differently to different strains anyways. 
    EDIT: you might also want to look into digesting or "tacking" concentrated (quick wash isopropyl) oil which you can alternate with vaping (and can make at home). I use that combo and get pretty good results with similar symptoms.
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  10. Thanks for the tips! I have to research tacking, do you happen to have a good link you can recommend for a beginner? I've started stashing abv cannabis, would I be able to use it for making concentrated oil? I know nothing about any of this.

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  11. Thanks, are you a grower? Growing your own sounds so rewarding but the law here restricts me from it. I order medical cannabis legally through licensed producers. I'm not even sure if I can legally make oil from the cannabis I order. But I can't see anything on my government website that prohibits it.

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  12. No problem. I do not have a good link for tacking for you. The only intro to it I've had came from a competing forum, and I'm not sure I would vouch for the person doing the recommending on that at that link (four-twenty mag-a-zeene). I did a quick Google of it though and there are other sites talking about it. I'll get back to you if I find anything that helps.
    However, you may want to just carefully digest the concentrated oil with proper, small amounts initially, as if you are trying to treat MD (not sure about PTSD) you may want the "high" that comes along with dosing by digesting instead. I'm not saying you will want to get as high as digesting can get you if you dose too much, but *some* of the high helps with mood management. I have trouble with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and dosing by digesting helps with mood management, basically acting as a mood stabilizer. As a discloser, I am only six weeks into this process, but that said, things with those issues (including a gastrointestinal disorder) are going very well.
    I'm not sure, but I highly doubt you would want to use ABV to make oil, because the sticky resin with all the cannabinoids that comprise the medicine for the oil have... yep, you guessed it, "already been vaped." you could possibly do it and just get a really low return on your effort, but it wouldn't be ideal. maybe others will chime in too.
    feel free to PM me if you want more info on RSO. (actually, new to this site, only a few posts, so not sure if this is possible yet)
    Suffice it to say, in my humble opinion, you are asking the right questions. good luck.
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