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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kevindagul, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. So I want to start growing indoors. I want to grow in my shed outside in my backyard, if you can give me some tips, tricks, how to's or however you can help me please reply thanks!
  2. There are loads of threads already dealing with all aspects of how to get an indoor grow started - growroom design, soil, ferts, etc, etc - the Search facility will get you going. Good luck.
  3. Correct.
  4. My first thoughts:

    Is there a light source in your shed? ..does it get natural sunlight or will you have to set up growlights??

    ..if you have to set up your own lights can you lightproof the shed adequately?
  5. Aswell as the light proofing issue there is also the problem of getting power out there.
  6. The best advice you can get man is READ READ READ... take a smoke break... And read some more...

    1. MJ plant life cycle and its "ideal" enviorement.
    2. Lighting: HIDs, CFL/FL, and other not so effective ones
    3. Concepts of Hydroponic and different types(drip, ebb and flow, NFT, aeroponic)
    4. Security issues and counter measures (smell, heat and other)

    I think when people kinda grasp these ideas and concepts, its when we could further expand our studies and USE of the god giving plant. :smoking:

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