Please help me alot at stake!~ No plant growth at all!!

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  1. Hello, this is my first grow, not to get into to many details but i borrowed some money to do this after doing months of researched and convinced there would be no issue.

    I am growing 4 auto flower plants, a white widow xtrm, a caramalicious, a cheeese and a chronic.
    i'm using perlite and coco 50/50 mix. water ph 6.5
    temp sits at around 28c, not perfect I know, but also not enough to cripple a plant entirely? i have a carbonfilter and extract fan extracting into the roof, while an intake fan intaking from the window(at times i will turn this off and open sme ports on the tent and window to allow passive intake.) i have a 9 cob led lighgt 900 watts.

    it's been 12 days since the seeds were put into the frist it seems they were all germinating correctly, i think it took 1 or 2 days, however only two fully burst out, the others continued to grow stems with the seed enveloping them!!, only now at day 12 have their seed started to be shed surely this is an issue??

    for the two that did pop, idk but it seems to me they are not growing at the right pace, ive seen picture of day 12 plants which are massive compared, im really discouraged atm and not sure whats going wrong or what i can do to improve this of the 2 that popped days ago also seems to be sick, its cotyeledons are browning and a few brown dots on the leafs if im not going insane....
    also i don't think its anything to do with nutes, cause I haven't been feeding them any, but out of desperation for the last two days i've been giving them a teaspoon of water with 5% nutes they need each day, just to try kick start something....

    I will include pictures of the two that popped please tell me if this is normal or not :( ima be in a bit of trouble if this don't work out, so if you need any more pictures or information please don't hesitate to contact me here...thank u

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  2. is it possible that it is putting all it's growth into roots since i started with the pot it will finish with? that would be a dream come true if it's something somewhat positive.
  3. Hi! What kind of lights are you using? How close to the plants? How often do you water them? Did you add any nutrients?
  4. Hey, I am using a LED light which has 9 seperate "cobs" it's a big square pretty much outputs 900W I believe.
    I have left it at about 18 inch above before today, but in my panic i have lowered it quite abit not sure if thats wrong or good. I don't water them heavily at all, i simply soaked the pot before i germinated and put seed in, then since then i've been giving them, a tiny spoonful of water every second day no nutrients, However again in m desperation last two days, I hve been feeding them a spoonful of solution which contains 5% of the nutrients reccomended for grown veging plant. These problems started before i started feeding nutes...any help appreciated :)
  5. Ah! This is definately your problem i think at this point the leds should be very very very close. cause they barely emit any heat. I use CFL which still heat up a little and almost since day one i have the lights 2-3 inch to the top of the plant.. i am pretty sure its the same with leds. You should try putting them 3-5 inch from your plant...just monitor them closely every few hours to not burn the leaves, and you can move them down/up a little and see how it goes... cause that little growth is not normal at all.
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  6. Ok thanks, just to make sure though, my temp is already 28-29c, would bringing the lights closer not make it TOO hot?
  7. does anyone think i should just restart? if they are autos havent they lost to much time off their life?
  8. You need to water way more. Given one good nutrient free flush until you get a good amount of run off and I bet they take off. Worked for me. Then maybe water like that once a day until they start then 2 to 3 times a day. Your roots are drying out.
  9. Never let your coco go completely dry after seedling.
  10. Hmm okay, so you think flood the pot so there is run trhough? or just a nice big water? then leave for 2-3 days?

    also is it a bad sign if the top is bone dry? cause it has been lol, but i thought if some soil was still damp underneth that'd do lol
  11. Water at least daily. At least. Trust me and yes you want run off I never let my top get dry now. Like 2 days after I gave them a good water with run off they took off. Took a lot of water the first time because I didn't realize how dry they were. Now I water 2 to 3 times daily and they seem to love it. Coco basically can't hold too much water plus don't forget you're doing a hydroponic grow so the roots need constantly fed.

    If hold off on nutes except maybe some calmag until leaves start growing. Also I heard coco like lower ph. Heard some go 5.2 I try to stay mid upper 5.
  12. I'm really baked so excuse my typing lmao.
  13. Oh almost forgot you should've taken the seeds off I did the exact same thing. Means you possibly didn't plant them quite deep enough. Might be a coco problem too though not sure.
  14. i'll give it a shot, just heard so much about "better to underwater then overwater" and "never water your seedlings to much you'll kill them" that i worried the rots would rot or something lol, also i'm not doing hyrdo just normal indoor in pots haha
  15. what do you mean, like i should of manually removed the seed case if they having trouble? haha damn
  16. Yeah I think towards the end of seedling they need more. My pots do have a lot of drainage though and never sits in runoff as I drain it elsewhere. So if not as much drainage maybe don't water as much as I do lol. Yeah manually remove seeds it hurts them to keep on. Some of my leaves suffered from it and I think it slowed growth.
  17. Here I just popped some seeds I'll show you

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  18. Oh do you happen to know the temp of the tops of your plants? I know you're using leds and they run cool but I'd still check. I had my LEC 315 too close they liked it better 3+feet up it seems. Think my plants sit around mid upper 70s not bad considering waiting for AC to get fixed.
  19. I think you might be better off with pots that have better drainage on the next round IMO. I'm basically in an eb and flow set up just without pump running. Decided to wait until I get cloth pots then I'll feed on a timer.

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