Please Help Local Nevada Growers To Keep Their Right And Keep Growing – Change Or Defeat Sb 374

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  1. The poorly thought out Senate Bill 374 is slowly moving through Nevada's inefficient legislative process and  we have ONLY 2 WEEKS to persuade the sponsors to remove the amendment that will make home growing illegal or ask Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Judicial Committee to NOT PASS the bill as it is written.
    The bill wants to allow for dispensaries to open but makes personal home cultivation illegal.
    Please help!!! We are running out of time. A slot was done and our outrage was heard and responded to, but we need more voices to be heard!!! We NEED to send as many emails as possible to the email addresses of the both committees' members (listed below) and urge them to NOT pass this unconstitutional bill that will marginalize law abiding patients and cut their access to the medication all together since they will no longer be able to afford it, as dispensary prices will have  hefty fees on top of high prices.
    Please write short, effective but polite letters  (rudeness and anger will only work against us at these crucial last weeks) to the addresses below and urge them NOT TO PASS THIS BILL until the NO GROW Amendment is REMOVED!
 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Joyce.Woodhouse@[member="sen"], David.Parks@[member="sen"], Debbie.Smith@[member="sen"], Moises.Denis@[member="sen"], Ben.Kieckhefer@[member="sen"], Michael.Roberson@[member="sen"], Pete.Goicoechea@[member="sen"]
    ALSO Please contact the bill's sponsors and ask them to RECONSIDER the no grow amendment and REWRITE THE BILL at the following addresses:
    [SIZE=10.5pt]tsegerblom@[member="sen"][/SIZE],, [SIZE=10.5pt]Mark.Manendo@[member="sen"][/SIZE], [SIZE=10.5pt]Mark.Hutchison@[member="sen"][/SIZE], [SIZE=10.5pt][/SIZE], [SIZE=10.5pt][/SIZE]
    And last but not the least PLEASE leave an ‘AGAINST' comment here:

    (you can view existing comments here
    Just type sb374 in the window and click submit)
    Right now EVERY EMAIL COUNTS! SO send emails, call, ask your friends to do the same. We need to show that we will not just lay down and die. We ARE AGAINST this measure and they NEED TO KNOW that!!!
    Together we can WIN!!!


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