Please Help! Leaves curling under. Need Advice!

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  1. hey guys, im doing a first time grow in my closet and just grabbed a 150 watt hps grow lamp for the 2 plants i have. I'm really inexperienced to be honest and was wondering if anyone may know why my plants leaves are curling. should i flush water through them to be sure theres no salt build up? or check ph levels and see if i need nutrients besides what came in the soil. any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. [​IMG]

    As for soil, I'm using Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Mix. Not sure if you're familiar with it or not, but it's 2 month continuous feed w/ about .10% nitrogen. I actually just switched over from a 6 month feed w/ twice the amount of nitrogen- everywhere I've gone to grab soil has been sold out of what I originally got, so I was forced to switch. This was the closest I could get.

    My thermostat is set for about 65F, but because the bedrooms in my house are on the second floor, the heat rises significantly and it gets no cooler than about 75F with the lights off. Lights are on right now and it's 80F.

    I'm not currently using any nutrients. I've read that nutrients aren't always beneficial to the plant, so I honestly wasn't too sure about that.

    I wasn't too sure what to do, since I'm a beginner. I just put them into flowering (12/12) not even a week ago- maybe tops 5 days w/ the HPS lamp. They are both between 21-25 inches tall. But in all honesty, they are 2+ months.
  3. Do you know what the humidity is in there?

    Looks like maybe a bit of over fertilisation and maybe the humidity is too low.

    How close is your light to the plants?

    You should have mixed you soil with perlite 50/50

    also, if you are flowering them now, you aint gonna get much off them.
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    I have no idea what the humidity is. I'm not too concerned though, this is more so an experiment to see if I could do it.

    Is it possible to re-veg? Or a way to add nutrients? It feels humid in there, definitely enough to physically feel the difference between rooms. Also, when should I start flowering? I heard that I should have started at 1ft, mine are at about 2 and I started 4 days ago.

    The light is 6-8 inches away from the plants. I started growing with fluorescent 4 ft tubes and a couple CFL's. Just switched to the HPS 4 days ago, and in the short time it has been on, I've noticed an exponential growth.

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge.
  5. So they have been re-potted from MG continuous feed to the organic. I learned the hard way about the MG soils the salt build up is true it can drive the ph down below a range where the nutrients don't get taken up by the plant. You need to check the ph of the run off water to see where you stand.
  6. Would if be beneficial to flush the soil? I'm going to try to grab a test kit tonight to check the PH though.
  7. They are really not too bad. You don't need to apologise for a lack of knowledge, we were all beginners once.

    Flushing the soil definitely wouldn't hurt as i think it is too hot for them right now.

    But that will change fairly quickly as they grow. The increased light you have now given them will allow them to uptake more nutrients. You should have switch to the hps a lot sooner. Keep it a distance at first and then move it closer to the plants gradually over a week.

    Testing the ph would be beneficial, knowing the humidity would be helpful too. Any kinda readings you can take to help you deduce where problems might lie are useful.

    How have you got you ventilation set up?
  8. No ventilation, but I do have two fans set up to circulate the air. It's actually in a spare bedroom with absolutely nothing in it, so air flow is quite open. I assume that by opening and closing the closet door they're getting enough? Should I keep the closet door open when the lights are off?
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  10. Yup check runoff ph. Im with Burntwood, its a nute lockout. I had a similar issue with one plant, had to add a little PH-up with my feeding to solve it.

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