Please Help Killed My Moms Little Dog

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  1. i dont know what to do i feel so bad. the dog was a 15 year old chiwawa it ran out last night because of the storm so it was missing. i get up today my mom and dad already left for work. i go get in my lowered s10 truck and i cant really see under it because its so low. i start it and back up. it felt like i ran over a speed bump then i heard a crunch sound then it yelped so loud.:( i got out and looked and when i saw it i started puking every where. it's fucking eyes were poped out and it was still breathing but it wasnt awake. i would have took it to the vet but i think there was no saving it so i put it out of its missiry with my revolver. what do i do she has had that dog since i was a little kid. i hope she doesnt stop loving me for it. i am gonna call her when she gets home i left and im staying at a holiday inn because i cant see her when she finds out. wish me luck guys i need it.

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    Good luck, it was an accident Shit happens. But god Damn I wasn't expecting you to shoot the dam thing. Woah maybe you should have taken it to the vet, but its in the past and you can't take it back. Rip little chiwawa
  3. it was its time
    thats like im too high to figure it out
    but old
  4. Just be honest. What else can you do? There's so sense in lying about it. 
  5. If the dog was really suffering, which it sounds like it was, you did the right thing . It was in a lot of pain. Even if you took it to the vet, it wouldn't have made it, but it would have gone through a lot of pain dying.
    If you explain to your mom that you had no clue where the dog was, she will understand that it was an accident.
  6. i would have but if you saw it you would no there was no saving it. it was the first animal ive ever shot and it was fucking terrible my gun is a .357 magnum so you can guess what it looked like. i felt it was the most humane thing to do. i put it on the back porch in a bag on top of the garbage i pray my mom doesnt open the bag. im still crying i want to smoke put i think it will just make it even worse. god the blood stain on the driveway was bad my mom will flip out im gonna call my dad so he can tell her i dont think i can ever look her in the face again it would sit on her lap when she watched netflix.
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    maybe dont tell her you backed over him. like you said, he ran outside because he got scared from a storm... hose off your driveway and tires. and i back you up with quickly ending it. even still, he probably felt nothing what with going into shock and all.
    just read your post, if you cant hose it off, squirt some hand dish soap on the driveway then spray.
  8. Just say some shit head hit it and left and you had to shoot as because of the situation. It might not sound as bad to her.
  9. Big Dave, This is a pretty fucked situation. Damn.. that mental image is intense... Same happened to my Vet, and Godmother, except they both ran over their children...I cant even imagine that.
  10. Don't try and hide it, she'll be angry with you for it and lose trust in you.
  11. omg that is terrible bro hope your alright
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    I don't think you should save it to show your mom when she gets home. You should dispose of it somehow - maybe bury it in the back yard and put some flowers on it's grave. Your mom don't need to see the exploded carcass in a bag. That's the way I would handle it, anyways.
    You did the right thing by ending any further suffering. You didn't run over it on purpose so don't beat yourself up over that. This dog was near the end of a good run anyways. I know that doesn't make you feel better about the way it happened.
  13. I'm so sorry you had to be the one to shepard the little one to the great beyond...if I ran over my family's dog I would probably cry my eyes out, go into a deep depression, and relapse on hard drugs.
    I love that little fucker.

    At least it lived a full life man, it was his time.
  14. It happens mang. Little dogs and big was written

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  15. Just own up to it, does she think the dog would be immortal if you hadn't ran it over. Happened to me before, I was so upset bt I realize shit happens. Just tell her the truth, and if your too scared, send her a text and let her know your too ashamed to say it out loud. After that initial text it will only get easier. And dont even try to cover it up, that's dishonest and the truth will come out. Btw do you live in the woods? If I shot a 357 anywhere near my house I'd have swat here in 30 seconds flat, (full time security with 4 sheriffs patrolling the loop, which doesn't bother me, the gatekeeper who is a rent a cop smokes behind his booth every night)
  16. i told my dad he burried it before she got home. he said he looked at it and it made him sick to his stomach and he was in the millitary back in nam my gun had hollow points in it so as you all can guess it really did a number to him. i like in the out skirts of town i have a close neighbor so he heard it but i shoot all the time here so he prob thinks i was shooting targets. im gonna miss that little dog. his name was bubbles and ill miss him this next blunt is to little bubbles ill miss you little man.
  17. write her a haiku about it
  18. Did you bury it? And sorry to here that I had a dog die a couple years ago it sucked I had to be the one to put him out He was shot by neighboor and suffering
  19. If it was me I'd say someone else hit it. But I'd feel pretty bad lying 
  20. It was behind a moving vehicle. Then you shot it, because you felt it wouldn't survive. Tell her these things. Why do you feel bad?

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