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    Hey people could you give me your thoughts on this please ? Everybody welcome.

    My statin : critical mass

    What's happened : took cuttings from my first critical mass plant which was good healthy resistant plant from seed to finish.

    Rooted by cuttings,
    Once rooted potted up Into John Innes no.2 in really small pots.
    I then was led to understand John Innes is inferior for cannabis cultivation, so I bought some BioBizz allmix and potted them up in 1.5L pots. Cuttings were fed ph'd water and have had no nutrients for the first 2 - 3 weeks.

    I then set up another grow and took 4 of these cuttings and this is what I did -

    I brought them out from being under a T5, 24-0 hours light.
    I then transplanted these cuttings into 11L pots and watered them in with plain ph'd water. And put them straight into flower

    I now know I should have waited a week to let them recover from the transplant. By the time I found this information I was already a week in flower.

    I thought this was a mg def and so I gave it a feed at 1/4 strength, I hope I've done will be ok for them they are under a 250watt HPS lamp with a 200watt cfl supplementing, again I don't know whether this is a good thing to do as I just had the cfl doing no use I thought I may as well stick it in to help.

    As you probably tell yes I'm a newbie to growing I'm trying to upload pics but I'm having trouble ill guess I have to do it one at a time.

    Thanks in advance people.

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  2. Here is another pic outside the grow room

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  3. Anyone lol ?

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