Please help is my plant a hermie

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  1. Please help not sure if this plant is a hermaphrodite. I know what male and female flowers usually look like and believe it is a female (def not males but worried male flower might have popped). I used bag seed but know the strain is killawatt because guy i got bud from is friends with grower. They are on day 25 of 12/12. I have grow several times and reading up on and off for about 12 years but has been awhile since last grow and could use help to make sure not a hermie and mess up harvest for all plants. There are 3 in soil mix with perlite and vermiculite under a 600 watt hps room temp stays between 70-80 usually alittle hotter right under light but not bad and has been a few colder nights (when lights off) and humidity usually between 40-50. Please let me know if you think it is a hermie. Thanks


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  2. No thats a gal. Watch her late in bloom is all. If its unstable it will be throwin nanners left and right. Been there. i run a ton of seeds from my friends room still just because i have so many. The only strain i have ever had issues with was his deathstar. They used to have probs with their cut and stopped growing it. I ran seed after seed and to no avail i gave up after the worst nanner infection i did ever see.

    Your good. For now
  3. Cool def glad to hear thanks for the fast response
  4. Yep a girl. Congrats. You would see two looking nodes if it was a boy.

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