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Please Help Install Room to Room Intake.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Nissty, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I am installing a 4" room to room intake for 4" ducting through my cooltube. I have much cooler air in the room next to my grow room so I just want to pull air from that room. Going to be using a 170 cfm vortex to pull air in and through my cooltube then into the grow room. My question is should I use something like a dryer duct kit such as this? Shop Lambro Industries 4" x 5' UL Transition Duct Vent Kit at Lowes.com
    Or just 4" ducting through the wall and maybe put a grill on the other side so its not so obvious.
  2. It's going to be obvious

    yes that's a good option

    home depot sells a all white plastic insert that hides an intake fairly well. It's right next to the dryer stuff. Hard to spot. Once you find it. You'll thank me

    make sure you use a hole saw. Much easier. Check for studs and make sure there's no electrical or water lines. So carefull when you punch threw
  3. can you explain further what this is at home depot? is it a dryer duct kit?
  4. Sure. It's a round plastic insert with lots of tiny slits to let air move threw it. It's super nice because it has a low profile. So looking across the wall you almost couldn't see it. I hid mine behind my washer. Invisible
  5. Sorry. Didn't see you were in wales. I'll try to find you a link
  6. If smell is an issue you do not want to use a fan to intake air because it will create positive air pressure in your grow room, which will cause smell to leak. What you want to do is create a passive air intake into your cooler room from your grow room not from your cool tube, and then hook up an exhaust fan and scrubber to the cool tube this will pull air from your cooler room and keep the smell under control. Check out this link for some diagrams on ventilation and some other usefull info http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute...-list-beginners-other-useful-information.html
  7. thanks man I appreciate the pic. So can you get those that will fit a 4" hole? And is there a part that inserts into the 4" hole I cut? I was thinking of using straight 4" pipe through the wall if it could just connect to that thing on the other side. Can you visualize what I mean?
  8. thats exactly it... what you described is exactly what i did.... with that similar type of covering in the room i was trying to hide my intake.... im looking for a link for purchasing... its hard to find someone who would ship to wales though.... a 5 usd part costs 35 usd when shipped
  9. I ship to a US address then a family member ships to me with most things I have to get from th US. They probably have those here but ordering may be easier.
  10. Amazon.com: Imperial Manufacturing PAT-4W 4 inch Premium Intake Hood White: Home Improvement

    This is all I could find so I got it. So If I run this into my tents intake, and close off all other flaps and vents on the tent so it can only pull air through this, will it be able to pull enough air to cool my tent a bit? The tent is a DR80 80cm x 80cm (2.7 ft x 2.7ft) with a 200cfm inline fan. Basically will it work as a passive intake as housefullofweed says?
  11. That will work. Still gonna have to attach some ducting for a light trap

    solid purchase though
  12. Yeah it will work just fine man... Just making sure that is a centrifugal fan youve got correct?
  13. yea tjernlund 200cfm cintrifi fan. When I zip up my tent all the walls suck in about 1.5" cause theres so much negative pressure. And thats with one of the bottom flaps all the way open and another halfway. So once I close the flaps and have it only pulling air from my new intake, it should create LOTS of neg pressure. hopefully enough air will get sucked in to cool a few degrees.
  14. If you can you should bring the intake in low so it has a chance to run by the plants before it gets sucked out.
  15. yea its at the bottom of the tent.

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