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PLEASE HELP I'm worried about my MEPS (military) drug test next monday!!

Discussion in 'General' started by SomeGuy1993, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. I'm honestly starting to freak out because originally I thought that 1 month would be long enough but after searching online I found that some people have failed after 30+ days...

    I'm 5'7 and 156 pounds. The last day I smoked was on February 6th and my drug test will be on March 18th. Thats exactly 40 days after my last day smoking. I'm not sure whether to classify myself as a chronic user. On average I smoked 2-3 bowls every day for at least 5 months (before that it was less frequent). I also ate a bit of rick simpson hemp oil on some of those days. Now I am also not very active since its been so cold where I live I haven't been outside much at all and have done no exercising. I drink a normal amount of water each day I guess. I haven't tested myself yet as I can't afford a drug test atm but I do plan on doing that. This is really a very important drug test because if I fail I will NEVER be allowed to join any branch of military for the rest of my life.

    There seams to be lot of misinformation out there regarding the detection windows for thc... Everything I have read online ranges from 3 days to 3 months. I really need an educated answer here to put my mind at ease. I doubt I will be able to reschedule my drug test but if you guys think I have a large chance at failing I will do everything in my power to do so. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. Bro do not classify yourself as a chronic user! They are looking for any reason not to let you in right now. The detection times vary with several factors such as body fat, amount smoked and how often you smoked. Sounds like you were a pretty heavy user. First off start taking niacin, not sure of the amount just google it. STOP SMOKING! Start working out and running every day, I mean really bust your ass. Give yourself a piss test, if you fail make up an excuse to delay your meps date. Your really cutting it close dude. If you dont pass your piss test dont take theirs. Also when you wake up the morning of the test dont give your sample out of your first piss of the day. The thc metabolites are building up in your bladder all night and first piss will be full of thc if there is any. And when you do piss in the cup piss a little bit in the toilet first then piss in the cup. The metabolites (if any present) will settle in your bladder and they will be more concentrated right in the beginning. Good luck dude!

  3. Classifying myself as a chronic user is just so I can figure out my chances of passing since I read online that a chronic user can have thc stay in their system for a longer duration. I told my recruiter that I have never used illegal drugs and I signed multiple forms to confirm that lie. Thank you for your advice though.

    Is there anyone here who had failed a drug test even after 30+ days? And are there any "chronic-heavy" user who have managed to pass in even less time? If so how did you do it??
  4. Sounds like you'll be fine, just dont smoke!

  5. I didn't bust my ass to lose 50 pounds in order to join the Navy just so I can toke less than a week before the test and get permanently disqualified. So yeah, I'm not going to smoke :p
  6. Cold is no excuse for not exercising, if you cant go outside do some burpees inside the house. Burpees require no equipment what so ever, so just get active and work the bud out of your system.
  7. Alright well I'll be getting a drug test tomorrow morning and I'll test it with my first void after having not eaten anything in 12 hours. That way I'm basically testing my worst case scenario so I'll update you guys with the results.

    In the meantime any more input would be greatly appreciated :)
  8. dont fight for unknown reasons,please take a sec to think about if you really want to join.
    WHy are you joining? by the illusion of benefits? most comback fucked up from PTSD, cant get a job and get put on heavy meds. For what reason are we in the countries we are now? cause national security is at risk? we have never been invaded
  9. Are you serious guy? He is trying to be patriotic and do something for his country. So let him. I have spent 4 1/2 years between Iraq and Afghanistan and was diagnosed with ptsd when I got out of the Army. Im not on any meds, I function perfectly everyday without any artificial means. I also got a six figure job when I got out and I was infantry not some high speed "techy" mos. We are in the countries we are in now for one reason. You can take the fight to the enemy or you can let him bring it to you, and he will. So enjoy your peaceful environment, your welcome. Also we have been invaded. The Japanese invaded the Aleutian Islands in WW2. Dont consider Pearl Harbor an invasion? Go back to your bong and let OP stand up and be a better man than you.

    OP do your thing bro. Dont let people whining about not enough benefits discourage you. I will leave you with this.....

    "When the blood pours from your nose and down your throat, clogging it, causing you to spit and gag. You heave for breath in the smoke and dust. Your equipment seems to suffocate you. You wipe the salty sweat and grime from your eyes, only to realize it is blood, either yours or that of the enemy. You would stand but you cant move your legs. You grasp the open gaping wounds in your body, trying not to pass out from the pain. You feel the anger thinking of the loved ones you will never see again, and losing your life infuriates your soul. You rage to get to your feet and grab for a weapon, any weapon. Regardless of your race, culture, or religion you want to die standing, fighting like a warrior, an American, so others wont have to. For those looking for a definition, this is the price of freedom." -MAJ Rusty Bradley
  10. They will give you a drug test before you to to MEPS. Or at least my recruiters did. They didn't want any of there future poolees going to MEPS then failing and never being able to get in. They would give us one on the day we were going to MEPS, just to make sure we were clean. Hopefully yours do the same.
  11. Thank you for the positive encouragement TheActivity. I will go into the military with your kind words in mind. In response to David I am joining because although i am a libertarian and may disagree with the actions our government has taken in its foreign policy i do feel very passionately about making my oath to the U.S constitution and becoming a part of a force that has been defending this country since its founding. The perks are certainly a plus as well ;)

    And with that said the navy literally see's pretty much no combat (with the exception of special ops like navy seals). Also im joining the reserves which my recruiter told me has a very minimal chance of ever getting deployed at the moment. Unless world war 3 starts i'll be fine.

    Oh and btw guys i bought a "quickscreen drug test" today at meijer for 16$ and passed with my first void so things are looking pretty good now i think. I guess i was probably just a bit too paranoid. Although if any of you have failed the meps drug test even after passing a take home test please let me know. I want to make sure that i literally have zero chance at failing.
  12. You should be good man. Like I said before, your recruiter should give you the DT on the day your going to MEPS (before hand obviously) so that if you do fail your not going to fail at MEPS and it can be kept between you and your recruiter......there's lots of hush hush in the military if you haven't found that out by now.
  13. So what happened?

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