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Please help! I'm so confused

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Catkon, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Hi guys so tonight I was taking a dab with a nectar collector and I was STUPID STUPID and hit it out of the tiny PLASTIC container they come in not thinking it was a tiny hit and I freaked out, had a HORRIBLE panic attack, and walked about a mile at the park to get some fresh air, I don't really feel anything I have a stomach ache but I'm pretty sure its from anxiety, I can't sleep I am so scared!! It literally was such a small amount but everything I'm reading online points to I'm going to die, so has anyone else accidently done this?
  2. yes I think youll be ok, ive done some extremely questionable dabs for about a semester (a couple hundred dabs at least) with the likes of burning tape from the inside of my rig and weird shit from off the ground constantly making its way onto the dabber..
  3. Thanks, I feel so dumb I was half asleep I think I'll be fine I was just curious if anyone has had this happen too
  4. U mean u smoked the plastic itself ? I'm confused but if you did I would think u stopped inhaling when u tasted plastic so you maybe didn't inhale much but I think you will be fine . Panic attacks itself can be tough as I know 1st hand so take very slow deep breathes to get your breathing normal again and ur attacks will pass . Take care
  5. Yeah basically :/ I didn't taste the plastic really and it was white smoke not like black or anything I've been fine its just like I said my anxiety gets so bad sometimes I can't sleep and yahoo answers has convinced me I'm dying lol
  6. Yeah I get you on the panic attacks , not good for sure ! You are fine though so no worries but don't smoke plastic lol . I just made my 1st batch of oil using ISO with 5 different strains using all buds ( very small batch ) . I was hoping for a more oil consistency like RSO but I let it evap slowly with heat right at end to get rest of alcohol out but it's like a shatter now , very thick . Almost scared t smoke it . My buddy has made lots so I'm going to get him to look at it 1st to be sure I got all the solvent out but I think I did . It smells crazy strong lol , almost scared as I'm not used to dabs much and I wanted to be able to spread in thin on zigzags to smoke or make capsules for pain but let's see how it goes lol

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