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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doodlehead, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I'm sorry the pics not so clear, can you tell if this plant is smokeable? thanks!

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  2. can u see it?
  3. Need better pics.
  4. I was walking in the woods behind my house and I had my vid camera with me, so i took these pics of the screen while I played the vid on computer. what should I look for to identify the plant?
  5. I'm not even sure that's MJ, leaves look awfully fat and rounded.

    Explanations of the pics you provided doesn't help. As I said, need better pics.
  6. I will try to get better pics. Hopefully I'll have a chance over the weekend. Thanks.
    Also does rounded leaves mean its not mj, or is just a diff type?
  7. I'm just saying that it kinda looks like MJ, but not really. If I had to guess I'd say no, but no point in guessing just get some good pics...
  8. ok thanks, will do...
  9. Heres a new pic!

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  10. That looks like some variety of Maple Tree or something along those lines. Doesn't look like weed...

    Grab a pipe, go get some and give us a smoke report! LOL
  11. looks like maple to me as well, def not mj
  12. also the part of the MJ plant that is smokeable is the buds and not the leaves :smoking:
  13. Do you smoke crack?

    lol jk, dude those are either canadian maples or japanese maples.

    honestly, i would know, my mom has both in her garden, shit in the summer, it looks like a giant pot tree, even out neighbor has asked about it.
  14. What part of the maple tree do you smoke? what kinda high does it give? I saw a beautiful red japanese maple at Lowes for $129, would it be worth buying? Would it make a nice Potted tree for the front porch? How many knuckleheaded 7th graders will come pluck it's leaves off?
  15. Heres a pic of just the leaves so its clear...

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  16. haha, def not mj, but u can smoke whatever u want
  17. Sweet, oh sweet Maple Jane. The above post is wrong, you cannot smoke whatever you want. Smoke poison Ivy and it will kill you.
  18. no you are wrong and I am right, you can smoke anything you want and you can smoke poison ivy... just because you are going to die does not mean you literally cannot smoke the shit.

  19. You dont smoke maples dumbass

  20. Most likely a Japanese Maple, they look pretty similar to Cannabis plants

    Their leaves look like these.


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