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  1. Hey Blades, I'm on my second indoor grow and this time I'm using FFOF soil (mixed with some Moo-Nure, perlite and worm castings), germed them in FF Happy Frog until transplanted into 3 gal pots. I'm using FF Trio for nutes, I've been giving them about 1 tsp per 1/2 gal of water of the GB abd TB. They are 68Days from germ and 13 days of 12/12 so far. This is a bagseed grow. The one really in trouble is leaning toward sativa, leaner, lankier and taller than the other two, also much more narrow leaves. She is the one really in trouble, the other two are just starting to show issues with the tips of the leaves starting to point down.

    Please look over the pics and let me know what you think the issue could be. I usually let them dry out real good between waterings also. Seriously bumming my out, I've tried to do everything perfect this grow and now this. A bigger problem is my having to leave them now for a week while I travel and not know what to expect when I get home.

    Any help really appreciated!!

    The first four pics are the sativa, the last one is to show the beginings of leaf droop on the tips.

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  2. pH out of whack and phosphorus deficient ( K Def. will be next)
  3. Thanks Wharfrat, appreciate it. I was thinking that plus too much water possibly also. Ph runoff was running 6.2 last time I checked it. Well water is 7.0, nuted water usually around 5.8 -6.0. I'm going to let them dry out a bit and add some Tiger bloom to the next feeding.
  4. Phos def. my leaves of NL did that curling... Never caused a prob...if the leaf is healthy, dont worry bout it.
  5. I am running into the same exact issue as you it seems. My leaves are doing the same thing. I know its from my PH being whackky. One week the run off was at 5.9-6.1. The next, it was at 7.1 and now 6.9. Let me know what you get to work. I am scratching my head, and hoping to fix it before i totally own my plant. I am even just as far in to 12/12. I added a 1/4 strenghth of nutrients with this last watering and yet the problems persist. I am using the fox farm trio for nutes, so let me know what you have success with!

    Best of luck.

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