Please help I think I overwatered my plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jamesboo, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. My plant literally seemed to die instantly in my hand I watered it, and then topped it and it just died, there was a fair bit of run off in the bottom which I’ve thrown and turned up extraction

    Please help and don’t flame I know I’m
    A n00b

    Grown in Plagron allmix water ph 6.5 run off 5.5

    I’ll get there in the end lol, thanks guys

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  2. That don't look like over watering looks more like heat stress, how far away is the light, also what kind of light?
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  3. It was about 1 and 1/2 ft away but I’ve just moved it up to 2 and a half ft ? I just didn’t want the plants to stretch , it was showing the crispy leaves sign a couple of days ago but I assumed it was because of 88 temps as we had a couple of hot days and today I got it bang on 78 all day so I had it at 1 and a half ft as I thought it would be okay to in these temps, it’s lights out now until 6am so I hope that should give it some recovery time, and it’s a 600 watt hps I currently have
  4. How close do you have those lights on her and what are the room temps? They look like the lights are literally frying her. Can you take a pic in natural light to see the true color and surface of the leaves better?
  5. He just said, you guys probably commented at the same time lol
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  6. Ya a 600w HPS at 18'' is kind a close, you should be better off now 2 1/2 ft away. just keep it from getting to hot and it will bounce back if the leaves aren't burnt. Also with a HPS its not likely the plants will stretch unless it was way high up.
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  7. 1 1/2 ft today

    And this is the best I can do on my
    Phone as it’s lights out and hard to move my pots as I have 10 under a 600 until my second tent is fully operational Friday

    Many thanks

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  8. You replied just before my comments lol. Yea 88 was way too high. That wasn't even counting how close you had the lights on her.

    @Jon23 lol yea seems like it. Same with you and me haha.
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  9. Ahh many thanks well it’s all experience I guess lol I’ll keep it 2 1/2 ft tomorrow from the top of the plants when lights are on then tomorrow many thanks for your help guys
  10. I wonder if it looks any better in the morning aswell

    Lovely bit of Kush aswell

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