PLEASE HELP! I think I bought a FAKE!

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  1. So I heard the other day that my head shop in town has been selling fake ROOR's, and this really worried me because not to long ago I actually purchased one from the store. So I wanted to get on here and post a picture of what I got to see if any of you could tell if it is a fake or not. It will help out a lot because if it's a fake I can take it back up there and any other piece I want for free.
    Thanks to anyone who gives feedback.

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  2. Unfortunately, all the fakes I have seen have had that exact same sig in the same place. I would say that one is a fake. If you do take it back up there make sure it's absolutely 110% clean.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, this helps a lot. Hopefully I will be gettin me a new piece today then. :D
  4. i would expect more than cash back for them selling you a fake piece.
  5. If its an awesome bong why does it matter whether its a Roor.
  6. He paid for a Roor...logic dictates that's what he should get.
  7. that does look fake. But what the fuck is this, head shops selling fake roors? Where are you from?
  8. I think it's a fake, the label doesn't look like a roor label i've ever seen before. I've heard of tons of head shops slangin fake roors. Fuckers
  9. Yeah, it looks fake. I think so because the handy work is questionable.
  10. Looks pretty legit to me. Fake Roor's are said to not have rounded corners on the R's and the trademark (R) is said to be facing up towards the lip. Your R's look rounded, and the trademark is facing the right way.
  11. That is a 100% genuine fake...

    There are lots of fake ROORs going around now. Keep an eye out.
  12. Thank's everyone for the feedback.
  13. And to answer this, it's not the greatest bong, definitely not Roor quality. It has imperfections so he was selling it to me cheap and I bought it on a spur of the moment decision, but I questioned whether it was legit or not. Then when I heard they were selling fakes at the store it made me decide to post it on here.

    Looks like I will be getting a new free piece now though. What are yall's suggestions on what I should get? I'm lookin for a beaker bottom at least a foot and a half big.
  14. Post a pic of the ice catcher from the top of the tube. If they look uneven/sloppy its more than likely a fake.
  15. A US Tube or a real Roor :)
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    Go in there with a golf club and if he doesn't refund or replace....

    Put em outta business.

    Or steal a truck and run it through the front of his store, load up with tons of bongs, hookahs, pipes and other cool things they sell there and unload the truck at a buddies and ditch it on the side of a highway somewhere.
  17. Better yet, just commit murder, THAT'LL SHOW EM! :mad:
  18. Get something that isn't a ROOR
  19. That sucks to see. Hope some good comes out of it!
  20. well sir?? did you get your redemption??



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