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  1. I really don't know where to start with this one. I had a really weird day. To give some background, I am an EMT and I work at a bar in the kitchen. While I was at work today, we had a pretty gnarly bar fight. To make a long story short, I ended up holding C-Spine (holding his head straight) and rolling him over while he gasped for air. He was out cold snoring with blood dripping from his head. After the ambulance came and got him, I went and bleached my hands. I noticed that the bleach burned, and I had a cut on my hand. It was a spur of the moment thing, and I forgot to put gloves on, which may come back to haunt me. I ended up driving to the hospital and having a blood sample taken from myself and the guy who was taken to the hospital. When the hospital asked for an insurance card, I ended up filling out workers comp forms. Am I under workers comp, I work part time. I am worried not only about a possible blood disease, but also about if i just fucked my employers. They are really great people. Im also a full time student, so i am also covered under my moms insurance which is very good. I guess any advice or input would be great.
  2. What do you want advice about ha? If your worried about your health from that blood transfer, I'm sure your fine. Don't stress about it
  3. more or less, does anybody know about how workers compensation works. I am not familiar with it. Will my employer be billed for my medicals bills is what I'm asking.
  4. I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I AM sure that to get workers comp, you generally have to take a UA. Also, I thought workers comp was for getting injured on the job in a debilitating way, so they compensate you for the time off to recover?
  5. I understand that, I can clean up my urine if need be. I was paid for my time at the hospital, I just don't want to my employers to be stuck with a bill. Its a family run type of place. Im not looking for pay for time off or anything like that. Does anyone know if basic medical coverage is also included?
  6. Workman's Comp is paid by your employer.
    If you file, you could cause some major issues at work... but I'm sure your job has procedures for such things.. if you're hurt on the job, you're hurt on the job...

    As far as actually getting the compensation.. if u do go thru with it, be prepared to wait years...

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