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Please Help.... I might be in trouble.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DarkHazer, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Alright so I used to smoke weed a lot back in the day, and I just got into college. One of my best friends invited me over for a smoke as a celebration. I was kinda hesitant about it because I quit smoking weed. Then I reconsidered and went b/c i knew it was an awesome connect. I smoked 2 gbs of heads and was super stavia high, but this is the first time I smoked in 2 years. Recently, I was injured at work and needed to go into the doctors office to receive workers compensation. So i checked in and sat-down then proceeded into the back, and was informed that my employer wanted a drug test. Its because they overworked me and I messed my back-up and it was going to be expensive. I was not under the influence while I was at work, but I am more concerned because I am still a dependent. I just recently turned 18....

    The test was in a lab and was not a split specimen collection. I was told that if i did not take the test then the employer would be notified, and I would be immediately fired. This is how the test went down.

    guidelines of 49 CFR Part 40 for both DOT and non-DOT clients to include: exclusive use of SAMHSA-certified laboratories, MRO review of tests, employee notice, employer notice, record keeping, and reporting requirements.

    I have no idea what any of that means, but I was put into a room with a toilet that had blue water. The sink did not work and I was patted down before the test, and was forced to wash my hands.... Are you kidding me? What chance in hell do I have at passing? Should I inform my parental(s), and how does this effect my background check, in the future if i should fail? All advice is welcome.... That was my first drug test ever btw...
  2. So how long between when you smoked and the drug test?
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    damn broo. ur probs gonna be fine tho if u had at least a week between smoking n ur drug test tho
  4. 4-days in total and I had little in terms of water beforehand because I had no-warning.
  5. u might be good but u jus gotta wait haha good luck:)
  6. Raise hell when it comes back positive and demand a retest, this time be ready with QuickFix or some other type of clean piss..
  7. No police record, no charges can be brought against from what you have told me. The drug screen I recommend boxer briefs, some clean urine, a small bottle, and toe warmers from CVS. Insurt CLEAN pee from some1 else( hey what are friends for), toe warmers 30 minutes before D-pee (even if pee room temp), deploy the napalm into cup. Home free, to pack a bowl after a hard day. :smoke:

    TIP: Always good to poor a little in tolet make it sound like you have a bit extra, never taken a DT and pissed perfect amount. :wave:

    If you got any further questions or need more deets. Hit me up.
  8. You will probably be fine with only 2 gbs in the last 2 years, and a 4 day break after.

    Just demand for an immediate retest if you fail. By then you should be clean again.

    Not sure if they allow retakes though
  9. You need fresh urine, if it gets to room temp and you heat it up they may be able to tell due to bacterial growth..
  10. Will cranberry pills and lots of water with niacin help too?

  11. Urine is sterile, keep the bottle closed. And clean before puttin in piss.

  12. yeah,it would help,and try to burn off as much body fat as possible and eat foods with little to no fat,that should also help with passing because thc is stored in body fat
  13. It definitely starts to go bad. The best idea is to freeze it if you're not going to use it the same day it was, uh, "harvested".
  14. So OP smoked 4 days ago? Sorry buddy, you fail.

  15. O yeah, no doubt. I have used two day old piss before, it works. See you pee in the cup, or so they think. Odds are you take it late afternoon, mailman is gone. Your test will sit before tested an average of 3-7 days. Depends on lab, and delivery.
  16. Convince then your bodily fluids are blue :) I think your outta luck sorry.
  17. Good news I tested myself today and had not used any detox methods, and used my urine from my morning pee. I went to the store and purchased a first-check test and came back with a weak negative. That was only a 8-hour difference so I might have passed.... Time will only tell....
  18. Come back and let us know?? I'm interested on how this turns out

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