Please Help! I Have Bugs!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by stariale, May 6, 2010.

  1. i started seeing these little fuckers about a week ago. can anyone tell me

    what they are?

    how do i kill em without killing my babies?

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  2. Not sure what they are. Go to What's That Bug? Insect identification to identify it, then I am sure people on GC can offer solutions to get rid of them.
  3. I'm guessing some kind of beatle. You should go to Lowes or Walmart or something and look for Fruits and Vegetables pesticide. That is what I used when my soil came with flying ant eggs in it and it worked perfect. It is safe to spray foods all the way up to the day of harvest, and I smoked the weed I sprayed and I'm still here.
  4. I would never use any ordinary pesticide. I have heard of people using a solution of powdered cayenne chili pepper in a water solution and then spraying it on with one of those plastic hand pump bottles. IAnother possibility is a solution of Safer Soap with is advertised as an organic pesticide.

    have also heard about a thing called Nemo oil, supposed to be safe. Anyone know anything about how to find Nemo oil?

  5. U mean Neem Oil
  6. Neem oil yes, its safe to use as a pest repellent. Although it works different than other repellents, its not an instant kill to them. Neem oil effects the hormones on insects and makes them "forget" to: eat, mate, lay eggs, and sometimes they even stop flying. Obisouly an insect that doesnt eat or breed will eventually die and the population will plumet and no more insects. I hope this helped you out and if you decide to use it just be patient with it. Happy Growing!!


  7. Thats grose. youll have a whole population dead on your plant haha.

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