"Please help I got mold"

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by suspect, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Heres my problem!
    I have a few plants with mold on the surface of the dirt.
    does anybody no how to stop this from happening?
    I scraped off what I could see but am worried obout
    if its gonna come back or not.:eek:
    What do I do?????????????:confused:
  2. Safer works, Anything with sulfur. Sulfur is more toxic to mold/mildew than it is to the plant. I forgot the exact term.... but good luck.

    Ohh, and lower your humidity. Get a dehumidifier or improve your circulation!
  3. scrape of the top layers of soil, as was posted safers , neem oil then sprayed on the soil......replace the bad soil with new fresh soil....

    now you need to deal with your cause, there are spores in soils in the air, they are everywhere.....when you provide the correct conditions it appears

    cut back on your watering, let the soil dryout between waterings, get more air movment around the plant, if you have a fan already you need more CFM's or an additional fan

    if you use the sulphur you will also have to deal with PH correction
  4. Good to know!
  5. not to hijack, but could I use neem on my rock wool blocks when they get a little fungus? I have been using h2o2. Just curious.
  6. thanx for the replies people,
    Ganja, your wisdom is always appreciated
    gonna try it out
    hope it works.
  7. Fungi will not only require moist to grow but also food.
    Food being organics, where dead organics are preferred, so where did those organics come from?
    If you replace the top layer of soil, be sure to chose something low on organics.
    Even with proper ventilation sometimes you cannot control the humidity, so only replacing the top soil may not be sufficient in the long run.

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