please help i dont know whats up with my plant?

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  1. So my baby started curling of the leaves on my very bottom node. Then the one directly above it doing the same . Now all over my baby! The tips of my leaves are curling and brown. I transplanted about 3 days ago because the roots were coming out of the soil. I had a very small spider mite problem i dealt with homemade habanero spray. My ph is aroud 6. I added bone meal when i transplanted and garden lime. Im not sure what to do? She is flowering and has been for atleast 5 weeks and there is very little growth in the buds please help!

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    You are not supposed to transplant when in flower, what are you using for light. Next time you spray anything try it on tiny portion of plant first. I think your only option is to really hope and pray the transplant didn't shock it to much and kill the girl. The brown looks like chemicll burn I don't know if this is from frets, shock, or spray. Along with spider mites and you have given this girl a hard life. Do you have a Vegging girl ready to take its place?
  3. I don't have the slightest idea what is wrong with your plant. But I really did enjoy viewing the pis. Thanks for inviting me here.
  4. Potassium lockout, bring your ph up to 6.5 and next grow use some soil with more perlite. Your soil holds too much water and it doesn't look happy.

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