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Please Help I Am Not Sure If This Weed Is Laced

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheLonelyStoner123, May 25, 2013.

  1. So I started buying from this guy who I met through my friend, neither one of us knows him all that well, but he gives us really good weed for cheap. I got 10g for 50 the last time I went up there, but I am paranoid that because it is so cheap it is laced. It is very hard and looks like mid, but it does have a potent smell. The high you get from it is amazing though, arguably the best high I have ever had. Do you think this weed is laced with something else for a better high? Also should I ask my dealer or would he take that as offensive?

  2. Sounds like you jst have a low tolerance right now, thats the only logical explanation. You described it as being shit weed, which it must be for $5/g . And ur dealer isnt going to lace 10 grams of bud and sell it for 50 dollars. That would be him just emptying his pockets for you
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    if it was laced why would it be cheaper? its got MORE drugs on it so he'd be losing money just to fuck with you for 50 dollars? no thats nonsense and this type of shit just doesn't happen...dealers are in it to make money not fuck with people, thats counterproductive...dealers dont give away free drugs
  4. I have been smoking for about 9 months, but only really started doing it almost every day a month and a half or so ago.
  5. if you haven't been rushed to the hospital i'd say you're in the clear. enjoy ur good connect and good mid and thank him for being reasonable with his prices.
  6. wow 10 grams for $50 in California is swag. Probably laced with mold, budrot, and spider mites lol.
  7. Dude, if it were laced, it would be MORE expensive. A dealer wouldn't bother lacing his shit because nobody is stupid enough to pay $100 for a few grams of laced shwag.
  8. Yeah cause, well, you know...Lacing a cheap substance with a much more expensive substance and selling it cheap is absolutely the best way to maximize profit as a drug dealer. :cool:
  9. He's putting dog food in your dope man. Ask him why your smoking kibbles n bits 

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