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  1. I don't get it either. You know Jaywalter, the roots need somewhere to grow, and normally, when I place a plant in rockwool into a netting pot containing hydroton, its contained in a 5-gal bucket, and the roots reach down into the bucket and can even sometimes plug up my return lines if I don't filter it up in there.
    Your roots have no where to grow from what I see. See the thumbnail I tacked on; the return line wasn't hooked up (see nozzle at the bottom), but you get the idea. The roots of that plant reach all the way down into the bucket.
    Then again, maybe I'm missing something...
  2. its weird isn't it. He's maybe not plugged them in yet or something. Dunno, I'm baffled like.
    I grow in nft so my roots do grow in nothing but air but not like that lol

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  3. I’m growing in pure rockwool cubes I’ve done it before, tomato farmers do it all the time. This was my last plant I harvested was almost 4 ft tall and you can see it grew entirely in the cube. [​IMG]
    Im not growing dwc or nft it’s pure rockwool as a medium I’ve done it successfully many times the autos finish so fast that I don’t feel the need to transplant up to larger slab for the grow.

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    Not exactly drip feeding more like automatic watering the last plant I hand watered but that was too inconsistent and was afraid to be away for more than 8 hours towards the end
    [​IMG]this is a pic of the photo plants I grew 2 grows ago I used a cube plus a unislab because they grew so big before they flowered the clone in the middle stayed in the cube only didn’t get so big bc it was cut off mother close to preflower

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  5. Ok then; I am not familiar with this method and cannot advise anymore.
    Good luck with your grow :)
  6. Update @ day 39
    A couple of questions
    1. Do I have a new deficiency? Symptoms include some fan leaves stems have turned purple and a couple of new leaves have a brown patch.
    2. What is this sack on the main stem is it a pollen sack? Did my plant hermaphrodite? How should I address it?

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  7. She hermed. Kill it, kill it now!!

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  8. Why kill it? Can I just remove the male part? That’s the only sack on the whole plant. And I only have one other small plant in the tent was really looking forward to harvesting this.

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  9. You can do whatever you want. If you leave it, you’ll risk pollinating anything else in the room

    Male Plants, Hermies & Bananas | Grow Weed Easy

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  10. I think I’m going to keep the plant, I removed the pollen sack and will monitor the plant carefully to see if any more appear, as of now that was the only one. Seems like such a waist to kill the plant when the rest of it looks normal female. Thanks for the link I gave it read.

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  11. Never seen anyone grow like that before mate. Your losing out though man. You can pull that from nothing but a cube so you know what your doing.
    My advice would be to buy a gt205 NFT res. They cost £30.
    Just dump your rockwool on top of it and instead of feeding the plant your filling a reservoir that has a little pump which feeds the cube constantly 24/7. The roots grow in nothing but fresh air and it'll turn that 4ft stalk into a 1lb monster.
    It's basically what your doing just now but auto feed. And they literally do turn anything massive. My profile pics an auto I done that way. Nothing but a 4" rockwool holding her up, balanced on a shelf above the reservoir.

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  12. don't bother.
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  13. Huh? Got any more to add than 2 words lol

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  14. Some we can help, others...
    Already tried to explain to him, he won't listen.
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  15. Ahh you were talking to me. Get you now lol.

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  16. How won't I listen? I've taken all the advice given to me that I could apply and have seen significant changes, just bc you are also stumped and said "I am unfamiliar with this type of growing" doesn't mean that I'm hard to advise. I do research the methods I use and have my reasons for using them, let's stay positive and if you can't be helpful then just don't participate.
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  17. Because we r like wtf r u doing not allowing for best root development. Bro... imma try to take a picture of the root system in my plants this next couple days. It makes a huge difference.
    I'm not trying to be rude, but really why are you doing that man? Why not just let the roots grow properly ffs?
  18. ok, I don't know your method, but again, it seems to me that your roots could use some improvement.
    You know, if you tried a regular system, you could monitor the ph and ec/tds and know, but if the roots can't go anywhere, I wouldn't expect you to crop much.

    Look, I took the time to take a couple pictures for you, to try to explain...
    and that's just a baby!
  19. If you could take the time and think about context to my questions before you rant off on me. I clearly stated I've only had a problem growing like this recently because these plants are auto flowers and I've never grown autos before. However I have grown photos this way before with great success. Just because you think you need a huge root mass growing in a bucket doesn't discredit the technique I'm employing. I've shown you proof it can be done and like I said before I have my reasons. I've experimented with many methods including dwc, aeroponics, and even a kratky method. At the end of the day I'm a hobby grower doing whats worked best for my living situation, why can't you just have more of an open mind before you bash what you don't know about "ffs".

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