Please help, Hurricane Ian bringing 6”-10” of rain. Hobbyist 1st grow.

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  1. Good evening and I hope everybody’s having a jamming night. I am a hobbyist in coastal North Carolina who threw some seeds in the ground and ended up with some pretty nice plants. They are right in my backyard behind several large bushes with neighbors all around. Right now they’re not in view, but if I put up any type of beach umbrella, clear plastic sheathing, or anything well, I just can’t do that. I don’t have any pictures from the last three days or so however the last time I took them I could tell they were not ready, at least from the stuff I’ve been reading everywhere. Several people confirmed saying about 2 to 3 weeks out.

    So my predicament is, I can’t protect them from the rain, it’s looking like a whole bunch of rain is coming, I don’t think they’re ready yet, could use another couple weeks, but I’m gonna have to chop this weekend unless somebody has any ideas out there, I would sure love to hear it.

    Again, there is no type of protection I can put in place.Here is my latest pics. I know that if I harvest early it’s not gonna be nearly what it could’ve been but it’s better to have something than nothing.

    Pics, 1 from the very point in the ground to show location, the closeups are from about 2 weeks ago or a bit less. All the rest are from Friday. Ok, I have a biology degree in fisheries, I study well, but trying to act like I know jack shit about this, I do not. But here I go, in the closeups too soon for sure. Trichomes look pretty clear. My latest bud picks show pistils clear but not Trichomes. From what I have read, pistils can indicate as well,just not as well, and the indicator is not color changing pistils, but when they change and start to curl in towards the inside.

    Ok, hopefully that did not sound stupid and I know it is a simple question. Let the rain ruin it or cut early…

    Thank you in advance, you guys rock. I just joined and I’ve already read a lot of posts and got a lot of information. If you’re on the East Coast, button down the hatches. Especially if you’re in the Outer Banks. 8F99F142-0321-4452-A580-52A50605670D.jpeg FB9A9442-CB2B-477C-B773-5420D4110B0A.jpeg 28150278-37A9-4BDA-8B1E-32493DCE2241.jpeg 82329D30-E906-49EE-9696-E9175168756F.jpeg 8654C94C-94D3-4CE4-839F-5B9190EC820A.jpeg DF12E287-D8F6-4865-9A7B-67E9DB51771E.jpeg 1E59D159-2B91-4E21-8043-648E3B5D9A09.jpeg 4696B209-8DA1-4B57-886A-93BA219EB158.jpeg 42033A2F-626F-4ADA-8D1A-5893EBA948EC.jpeg D497BB07-0541-4CC9-A23A-6AE6A2BE2869.jpeg
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  2. Rain won't hurt them.
    Be thankful you're not in FL like me.
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  3. Been there bro. Live near Cape Hatteras. Hurricane landfall central, I know you know that. FL and NC, we take the big hits on the east coast. FB993519-FD53-453E-8559-EDEDF81492B8.jpeg 0F7A5458-1AC1-4973-8213-341A11516BBA.jpeg 31DEA5E0-DAB9-4184-9E8B-AC214DAAF352.jpeg 5D6883BF-D10E-453A-B94F-BCECE93CC08A.jpeg B50BDDE1-FFB3-47D7-9512-073D2F080DE8.jpeg 8D7427C0-1C69-4261-B499-9518D09AB61E.jpeg
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  4. Be safe down there Mick..been peekin in on it as i have friends n family there
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    Same. Good luck and keep your head down!
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  6. Very nice plants. Good job, mate. From my experience you won't be happy if you harvest early. I'd take a chance of surviving the rain. Best of luck.

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