Please Help! HPS & LED & CFM ? ? ?

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  1. i currently have a 59'x59'x78' (5x5x6.5) mylar grow tent.

    i was wondering if 1 (600w) HPS light would be enough light to grow

    maybe 6-8 big plants. I have another HPS ballast but I don't want to buy

    another bulb, but would it be better if I had them both running during


    Or is the tent too small or too big?

    And is it cool if I have MH + LED running at the same time during veg?

    But main question, how many lights would i need for my size tent!

    Thanks so much!
  2. A 600 can handle that tent if you get a nice wide reflector. Air vented hoods ten to restrict the width of the light so avoid them and spend the extra money on boosted ventilation.

    If you have a MH bulb then why not just use it for veg instead of the HPS? I don't see a problem with running the LED but the HID is going to bully all the plants away from the LED and will probably not make a difference in the long run.

    Considering you have a square tent, I would get a 1,000 HPS and hang it vertically in the middle of the tent with your plants surrounding it (assuming you are doing soil). It is the most efficient setup for any indoor grow light but you are going to have to drop the dough on a big boy fan. Thats the downside to tents but I'll live and die by them because I can't afford a spare room.
  3. yeah i was talking about the harvest cycle
    if i should use both the 600w or just one

    currently i am using both MH and LED for veg..just for the hell of it lol

    should i invest in a carbon air filter? just bought one for 55 bucks
  4. I wouldn't invest in a carbon filter unless you have stellar ventilation. They drop the efficiency of your exhaust fan by quite a bit and can lead to temp problems indoors with HID.

    If you are running a cycle you should run extra lights. This way, you can have them at different heights to compensate for the height difference in plants just entering veg and those ready to flower.
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    I strongly disagree with not running a carbon scrubber... My last grow was with a 1k light in a 4x4x6.5 tent and 6 plants and my street straight F'n reeked even with a small carbon filter.

    The tent definitely needs some air movement... I had a 160cfm forced intake to light with a 400 cfm 6 inch can fan on the exhaust side, a 250cfm forced intake to tent and a 435cfm exhaust for the tent. to top it off and keep my temps in check I also ran an 1100w split ac unit.
    It was worth it for a final of 26 zips of tasty buds but I definitely struggled with the heat for awhile

    A friend of mine is running dual 600's with only one 6 inch fan and a forced air intake at 475cfms in his 5x5x6.5 tent and doing well but no scrubber yet.

    600's run so much cooler I would stick with it or run 2 and definitely get a carbon scrubbe
    Just my .02 cents


    A 600 watt lamp in a 5x5 tent is 24 watts per squire foot...
    WAY below the necessary 50 watts per sq ft.!!!!!

    Click on WATT...

    It is amazing how much bad information you get online... :rolleyes:

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