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  1. So I was getting ready to transplant my seedling into its final home. As I'm about to transplant I take the seedling out of its solo cup and the dirt jus goes everywhere from the seedling. I don't know if I just killed it or what! This is my first grow so I'm clueless if it's gonna make it or not :( I uploaded a couple pictures of her in its final home. Hoping it's gonna make it.! First I put pictures of it where it wasn't able to stand up by itself then I put something to hold it up. I don't know if it's gonna make a difference. Let me know guys thanks!!!

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  2. If the stem snapped, it's bad. If not, don't just prop. Add some dirt halfway up the stem. Looks like you have the room to do so.

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  3. I did them same thing

    Flipped the solo cup upside, all the dirt came out of the top and the plant had 0 support and just flopped over when I put it in the new pot.

    Just pop it up like you have and let it be.
  4. If you've not figured it out by now, the plant was nowhere near large enough to transplant and that is why this happened. The plant needs to be larger than the container it's in (taller and wider) before you need to transplant it up to a larger size since this is typically an indication that the plant is slightly root bound. That plant hasn't even had time to develop any root system, which is the whole point of planting the small cup to start with. Small containers confine the root space and take less time for the plant to "root in" and get back to growing foliage. They develop their root system first. Until this is done, the foliage just sits up above the soil and pretty much waits. When the root system is to the point that the plant is happy, you will see the foliage start to grow at a faster pace and the plant will start to use more water too. But until it's had time to establish a root system, you leave it alone under the lights and give it only pH'd water. You do not need nutes now and won't for a while. So don't fry it. They grow at their own pace. Just because "you" want to put it in a different pot, doesn't mean the plant is ready to move. When you stress them, it sets them back and they have to recover. You'll know shortly whether or not your plant will make it cause it's pretty obvious when they shrivel up and die. Hope it don't. TWW
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