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  1. i am building a 5 by 7 grow area in my basement to replace my 3 by 3. My question is, can I use this material, super tuff-r insulation Board 1 inch r-value 6.5. See attached photos to see comparison. I just not have the time or ability to sheet rock my studs... I have all framed but need it finished asap... drywall just has to wait for now. This insulation board I found at homedpot is shinny and would be fast and easy to assemble on my frame. I am just wondering if it's ok to use and does it have good results.

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  2. Yeah that will work well.
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  3. Yup yup. Check Craigslist too. There are guys that sell reclaimed insulation board from 12-16 bucks for 4x8 sheets of 2" thick. You cold then line with panda film or Mylar and save some dough. That's how I got the materials to construct my grow room.

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