please mold on perlite

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Foundas, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Hey guys...currently im growing 2 nothern lights and 1 misty plants in a rubbermaid container under 90W compact fluro lightning. The babies are on their 1 week , and started their second pair of true leaves. For growing medium, i used 50% soil and 50% perlite. Today i noticed that the mixture of one of my babies became green. ( the perlite mostly)

    Is there something i must do to prevent any damage to my plants or even letting the other 2 babies get this green stuff? I am using a fertilizer for seedlings about 1 teaspoon for 9 liters of water and i 'm using this fertilizer at every watering

    Please advice

    Thanx in advance
  2. HIGH All, use something to cover it green stuff.
  3. hey unoit...

    thanx for the quick reply ... so just cover it up? shall i use a piece of carbon paper with aluminium foil? (for reflection too)??
  4. done as u suggested. in how many days should i notice some results? bu the way, the plants are plannted in peat moss and on the specific one i noticed some white fungus on the outside of the pot...

    will the cover up of the soil, do the trick?

    thanx again
  5. what type of conditions are you growing in to produce so much funk? id clean the pots with a peroxide solution or something and pay attention if it comes back. you dont want that mess to jump in the middle of your gro contaminating everything
  6. NaughtyDread, the temps in the container are about 22oC and humidity at 50%.

    compact fluros at 90W and a 80cfm fan for exhaust.

    any suggestions?

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