PLEASE HELP Glycerin BHO????

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  1. My grandma is sick with cancer and my dad brought her up to Colorado to get some THC dosage! He thinks he is making Tincture correctly right now but I am almost guaranteed he made it wrong. He just put straight vegetable glycerin with a half ounce of shatter (not decarbed, no alcohol extraction or whatever) in a bottle, and let the bottle soak in hot water for a while. He has been shaking it up while it cools down. But I just am worried that he did not make it right, that he wasted a whole half ounce of shatter, and that my grandma will not get full effects (or any for that matter) and may be getting carcinogens from the butane that she does not need!!! I have no idea where he got this idea to mix these two with no other steps, all of my research shows in depth processes. He tells me to stop questioning him, I just need some advice for myself and him as well!!
    Is this mixture good? If not, what can we do to salvage the shatter?
  2. So what exactly is your grand mother expecting from this? Pain relief? Cancer fighting medicine? Chemo / radiation relief?

    As a stage four cancer survivor myself, I can say with all honesty that ganja was a game changer as far as getting to feel better. It normally took a week to a week and a half AFTER I came home to recover from chemo and radiation to feel better. After smoking some ganja I was good to go in 20 minutes to an hour. I would go from a barely conscious, power puking wretch to an almost normal feeling guy who could even go out for beer and pizza. Crazy miraculous.
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