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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I am a beginner grower and I had gotten a bag from the dispensary and it had a seed in it so I decided to plant it. Well it started off really well then it just slowed way down. I currently have a 150w CFL bulb in a closet, with 18hrs on and 6hrs off. I have repotted it twice since its first pot. Just curious what everyone has to say. Any help is greatly appreciated. And I'm not trying to get to serious with just enough so I can say I grew a somewhat decent plant with some good buds. Female depending!
  2. Looks like you have nutrient burn
  3. What's your temps and humidity? What type of soil are you using? I'd recommended something better with a lot more perlite for when you transplant which id recommended to do in a weeks time or so. But also lower your light lower it's way to high that's why the plant has so much stalk which you can bury when you transplant

    And if you don't plan on getting somewhat serious I doubt you will make it to harvest... come flower it'll all bomb.

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  4. There's clear heat or light stress on the tips of the upper leaves. You either have to move the light up a few inches or cool the room down.
  5. My soul is miracle fro and some organic cow manure. About 30% cow manure. I have also been giving it some fish fertilizer.
  6. LOL! "My soul is miracle fro. "

    Get ready for the miracle grow hate.. heh. Occasionally you'll find someone who knows how to use it with success but most cannabis growers will tell you it's the worst soil to try to grow in. It's hard to balance the time released nutrients with a feed schedule. Miracle grow is also notorious for being a low quality product with lots of mulch and occasionally pests included.

    I say it all the time on here but I really feel like the best method for a rookie is promix/20% perlite, fabric pots, and a one part bottled nutrient you can use start to finish like General Hydroponics floranova bloom. This is like growing easy mode.

    Plant the plant loose with plenty of perlite and start feeding right away at about 1 ml/gallon. Raise it to 2ml's a gallon when the plant gets some size and raise it to 3-4ml's a gallon for large veg and budding plants. It has as much cal/mag included as most separate cal/mag supplements so you shouldn't need that. You'll also need a bottle of ph down.

    Fill a 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon garden spout. Put in 3 drops ph down to get yourself in range and 1-2ml's of FN bloom. Feeding done.

    I have an almost 3ft tall Grand Daddy Purple with dinner plate size fan leaves, I have stuffed in the corner of the veg tent right now that's in a 1/4 gallon pot. As long as I feed it every day it continues to thrive. No room to transplant it until I trim up the bud room. It one of the most ridiculous examples of rootbound I've seen. It looks like it should be in a pot 6 times the size. It's still thriving though with hydro nutrients.
  7. Miracle grow = unflushed taste, burn... low yields due to high nitrogen.
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  8. One reason only certain nutrient lines grow cannabis well is compared to other plants cannabis likes a somewhat different NPK ratio. It doesn't like that much nitrogen. Cannabis likes about twice as much phosphorus as nitrogen even in veg. Cannabis likes 25-50% more potassium then nitrogen as well even in veg. If your nutrients don't have that balance you'll run into deficiencies eventually. One of the most common you'll see with off the shelf nutrients is phosphorus deficiency. Unless that second number is significantly higher then the first you'll get phosphorus deficiency. GH FN bloom is 4-8-7. Perfect ratio IMO. GH maxibloom is almost as good at 5-15-14.

    Check this out. This is old school feed charts many people have used for years for simple hydroponic growing. Very tried and true. I use it myself but usually feed a little lighter then Lucas.
    What is Lucas Formula, and how do I use it?

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