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  1. Okay so the clones I bought from the club are doing alright, ones getting pretty big and the other is well... Trying to catch up. Anyways I wanted to post a picture of my buds and want you guys to tell me how early I am to pulling them? Please help I don't wanna pull to earlier or wait to long

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  2. Get a loupe or magnifying glass and inspect the trichomes. You want to have no more clear trichomes and harvest when trichomes are cloudy-amber, depending on your preference, from what i understand
  3. Generally speaking, and I'm probably wrong, without the aide of a loupe, or high power magnifying glass, it's difficult to tell.

    Radio Shack used to have a $15 that was just kill, I'm sure you can find one with a usb or similiar for probably not much more.

    So, to sustinctly answer your question... You can't really tell unless you have a device to look at the trich's.

    I try to harvest when about half are amber and others are still clear. You'll be amazed at the difference in the high by varying the time of harvest. I've had people tell me it was different weed and all I did was change the harvest date.

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