Please Help! First Grow...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by trailerparkgirle, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. I have very yellow lower leaves? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. No problem with the yellow leaves, they turn and fall.
    The crab clawing of the leaves is different. With the size of the stems, you may have light a bit low or that is just the way these are gonna grow or your light just came on etc...
    Look in the grow guide for the claw of the leaves.
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  3. Could you give us some info about your grow? Nobody can tell you anything without information. :)
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    Is it still kept warm when light is off ,
    Have they been kept wet for too long ? Or to dry ,
    Like other ^ said info on setup ect
    Check Run off ph ect ,
    I used to spray. Feed very weak untill got bigger an repotted
    then jump to pot feeding later on
    Since the soil used to have enough for a couple of weeks ,

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  5. Looks to me you are jus getting nutes splashed up onto your lower leaves and it’s burning them. Have you been using nutrients? If so try not to get your leaves wet they stain and wilt like this almost every time on contact. On the other hand regular water is perfectly fine for your leaves. Hard to say what it is without knowing how close your light is, heat etc. but to me it doesn’t look too bad just watch out and keep your plant away from any backsplash. If you’re using nutrients I’d use .5 ml a gallon then week 4 1 ml a gallon then 6 1.5 and then the rest 2 but don’t slam it all into one plant it doesn’t really need all that you’d just be making your leaves extra green and a weird texture which in most cases isn’t ideal
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  6. Hey HardDrive!
    Thanks for chimming in, I didn't see any replies :(
    Yeah I figured that I needed some calmag...
    Very slow start for this Blue Dream seed! I learned patience, and it is hanging in there

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  7. Hey 73!
    Thanks for replying! Didn't get any notifications on my thread?
    Actually i had my lights 24/7 before that i had it under cfl...
    Yeah it wasn't to wet , or dry lol but I reported it, it didn't have many roots? The yellow
    Has stopped climbing it way up... this seed has been through a lot, but we are both stubborn
    Thanks for the suggestions!

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  8. Hey Random!
    Funny u say That, splashing on my Auto was my first problem, and figuring it out lol
    My led lights should have been at a safe distance
    Thanks for the Nute advice! This is my first grow...My Journal is
    First indoor Grow 2018

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  9. Finally growing up lol[​IMG]

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  10. Looking like she’s going to be just fine

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