Please help find this missing person

Discussion in 'General' started by themeltdown, May 24, 2010.

  1. This guy Patrick Billard from South Carolina has been missing for over two weeks. He was last seen at LAX on May 10th. He may still be in California, but could have traveled anywhere. If anybody sees this guy please just offer him a phone call to his family so he can let them know he is OK.

    See Find Michael Patrick Billard on Facebook for printable flyers and updates.

  2. He's okay if he's taking plane flights, I say leave him be. He's 19 years old and can make his own decision, although it's kinda scumy not to say anything it was his choice still.
  3. Ill search 4chan. Many people get lost there.
  4. hmm, hopefully he comes back safe.

  5. I'm thinking it's more than just a kid wandering out on his own:

    MISSING: Michael Patrick Billard of Beaufort | WSAV
  6. What makes you think its more than a kid leaving? Hes 19, hes allowed to leave. How is he a missing person if he bought a ticket and ditched people he obvioudly wanted to leave?
  7. I fail to see how this is a serious case of a missing person...

  8. its dosent seem like it....maybe hes trying to live his life.
  9. why is this guy more important than the kids who go missing every year..

    this is a legal adult male. im sure hes fine and can fend for himself.

    what makes YOU so worried about this one????
  10. OP could know the guy?
    and either way, i hope the guy is safe
    but like everyone else said, it sounds like he's doin his own thing, not wantin' people to interfere with his choices.. you arent gonna get abducted in an airport when youre a 19 yearold guy so idk what circumstance this scenario is implying
  11. hmm i'd leave georgia to go to cali and start my dream too. hes prolly posted up on some bench gettin high as fuck glad that he left his parents house. he' ll prolly be back in a couple years. hes legal age and looks like he could take care of himself. stop worrying about someone who left voluntarily and start worrying about the people who were taken involuntarily.
  12. prolly already has that med card and is livin his life to the fullest. He's obviously got dough if he's buying cross country flights.
  13. sounds to me like hes a kid that just wanted to get out for a while explore be free
  14. What you quoted just backs up that part. The kid wanted to leave and he didn't want to get in a fight with his parents as they wanted him to continue his education, so he made up a story about what he was going to do, then went elsewhere.

    He should really just tell his parents though. I'm 99% sure the kid's alright and just out enjoying himself, but it was a bit of a dick move to not call them when they're probably sick with worry right now.
  15. I have a friend who does this at least twice a year. Just leaves and doesnt tell anyone and comes back 3 weeks later with crazy stories.

    This kid is probably fine.

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