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  1. Can somebody help me find some website to purchase this bong [​IMG]

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  2. Please and thank you

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  3. whats the word silk'd onto the bong?

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  5. Just remember that site is in china so it takes about 10-14 days to receive. Also make sure the seller has good reviews. It's sort of like Amazon of china. Bunch of different seller a.
  6. The way they've set it up now is that DHGate holds onto $$$ until you receive the product and are okay with it. So if you get it and it's broken, or different, whatever, you can tell DHGate to refund instead of paying the seller. They'll have you work things out and mediate between the buyer/seller, of course. But it's a lot safer than it used to be. You can't easily get ripped off anymore.
  7. Just so you know, they're all knockoffs, some better made than others. But glass is glass and a $40 DH Gate piece will smoke a well as a $400 name brand piece. I've been happy with my purchases.
  8. 100% true I know what I'm getting for the price lol but as you say glass is glass so as long as it doesn't break on its way (knock on weed) I'll be happy! Yoda and Darth Vader bowl pieces worth it for $5 bucks and free shipping lol love there garentee they hold the $ till you get what you paid for for some sellers.

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  9. I saw those bowls! I'm got them filed away for future orders. I also saw Spiderman and Avengers bowls there that I want!
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  10. I know I had to stop looking budget and all
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