Please help - fed up.

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  1. IMG_0093.JPG IMG_0094.JPG hey guys,

    Have spoken to a few friends from the site (thanks m9 prime) and buzzer... still trying to work out what the F is wrong with my plant..

    PH 5.8
    Temps - 25 degree.
    Exhaust fan.
    Oscillating fans.
    1 EC.

    Trimmed some leaves off last night ana this problem was occurring before then ana woke up and leaves on the bottom (2 biggest fan ones) where f***.
  2. Well if I were to ignore the damaged leafs and look at the rest of your plant, your "healthy" leafs look like they have a leathery texture, do they feel a little rough to you?

    I'd wager your light is just a couple inches too close, not close enough to butcher your plant but over time those light stressed leafs start to fade and die. Light stress is different then heat stress, but similar.
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  3. I was thinking the same think man they feel like leather and kind do don't even resemble a MJ plant ! WTf?
  4. I shall move it up tonight. Thanks man!!
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