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Please help fast: Driving W/Weed through South

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluberryTXsmoke, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hello blades,

    I have a quick question I need answered very fast. I'm leaving tomorrow from Texas to Alabama. Taking a quarter and my vaporizer. Will I be fine? Any checkpoints or anything, assuming I don't get pulled over?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Nope, no checkpoints passing though states, only countries!
  3. Who cares if you get pulled over or if there is a checkpoint? Just make sure its all airtight in MASON JARS!

    Now if you hit a checkpoint with dogs...that's a whole 'nother story.

  4. Where do you live? I've been through multiple sobriety checkpoints while traveling on interstates in the US
  5. NAh, as long as you arent smoking in there and obeying the speed limit, youll be good
  6. Have you ever left Texas before? :confused_2:

  7. Sobriety checkpoints are technically unconstitutional, but on the other note if you are going on i10 DO NOT SPEED. The state troopers are peppered throughout the whole way, and even if you have a radar detector they turn it on and off periodically just for that reason
  8. Texas? I have left the state many times and I know for a fact there aren't any in the lone star state because we here feel it violates constitutional rights.
  9. don't give the police a reason to pull you over and you'll be fine
  10. Bro when I was moving From Tx, to Va about 4 months ago, me and 2 of my bros took the drive. We brought my pipe, bong, and a quarter. Issue free the entire way. Cruise control the entire way. At one point we had a state trooper follow us for a while, but he had no reason to pull us over so it was allll good. lol. But yea bro long story short, aslong as you obey the traffic patterns and whatnot you'll be perfectly fine
  11. stop and smoke with me on the way. i live less than a minute off I-59
  12. Nope, nothing to worry about (assuming u dont get pulled over) but you know what they say about assuming.... "you make an ass out of you and me.) so dont just leave shit laying out and you'll be good.

    i see the guy above me has the right idea, i was gonna say stop by louisiana and smoke one.
  13. Stay in the right lane, drive the speed limit.

    Make sure your break lights work and your car is up to code so you are not pulled over for something stupid (crack in the windshield, whatever).

    Only drive during the DAYTIME, when the interstates are packed, get the fuck off them before night, when it is 3AM and you are the only car on the road, you are a sitting duck.

    Keep your shit in your trunk, vacuum sealed if possible, I have beat a k-9 units with over 20 pounds because I triple vacuum sealed it, cleaning in between each layer with rubbing alcohol before leaving.

    Don't smoke and drive -- if you are pulled over, and k-9 comes, if the dog alerts because of a roach in the ashtray or stem that fell on the floor, they will now be able to search the entire car and you are fucked.

    Stay safe, I-10 and I-95 are serious drug routes, cops do not play games.
  14. I have never ever seen a checkpoint on I-10 or I-95 going between Houston and Florida on I-10 and NY/Florida on I-95, and I have made that trip probably about 500 times.

    I have seen them on smaller roads in florida and NY, especially on holidays like 4th of July, butt never on a busy interstate.

    Parts of I-95 is a 5 lane highway, how do you have a checkpoint on a 5 lane highway?
  15. dude its a quarter nd a vape... relax... just dont drive like a jack nd you'll be gravy
  16. There is one in the West bound part of I-20 just before it joins the I-10 BP.

    Definately stay the speed limit. I have been pulled over for going 4 mph over the speed limit. The first words out of his mouth was "I am going to give you a warning". :eek:
    WTF, why even stop me than? Of course then he wants to be nosy. :smoking:
  17. Attach your stash to a kite and fly it through the sunroof of the car and keep a pair of scissors on the passenger seat, if you see police, just cut the kite string and you're innocent of all wrongdoing

  18. Did anyone else notice that he said bro 3 times?

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