PLEASE HELP: F’ing caterpillars! Should I harvest early?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by JDubsUp, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. I’m in week 6 or 7 of flowering (50/50 hybrid, outdoor) and noticed today that I’ve got tiny green caterpillars eating my biggest buds. I’ve been plucking them off but I’m sure there are more of the little bastards in there. And of course I’m going out of town for a week with a novice buddy who will water but do nothing more.

    Question: should I harvest early and cut my losses before they get worse? Check out these pics of where my buds are at. Upon inspection, the trichromes are about half clear half milky with a couple amber ones here and there.

    Any help is most appreciated. BB59ED5C-8A36-4483-891E-1C3665E2D265.jpeg 429401F6-53D1-40B6-AE4F-9D5AB6970CD4.jpeg C0806F56-3E6F-4A02-9413-E39E3C1B487C.jpeg E5329ED4-2864-4F00-8FA6-0C04B9D070EE.jpeg
  2. I’d still use BT; the plants don’t look ready, yet.
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  3. Still way to early my friend, you'll be cheating yourself, hang tough until your hairs turn color & start shrinking, I spray with BT an still loose a couple quarter size spots to those suckers... like papa said just pick the suckers off, good luck don't rush now...
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  4. Thanks for the help, all. I picked a bunch more and I BT'ed them back to the stone ages. Fingers crossed.
  5. You might still get some bud rot from the residual poop but killing them is the only hope. Spray before you leave and as soon as you return. Those flowers need several more weeks to mature.
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  6. Thanks, oldbser. Any guess as to how long I still have til the flowers are ready for harvest?
  7. It looks like they need weeks. Let it mature and then it's special. Premature weed is awful. Weather permitting take @nobighurry advice. Just think how frosty they'll be then.
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  8. Thanks @old bser. I’m hoping for some monstrous, caterpillar-free buds.
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