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**please help** emergency with my friend!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420AquaMan, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. OK... so heres the situation.
    My lifelong friend (we'll call him George) has just come back from christian camp. Prior to this camp, he and I had been smoking avidly for over 2 years and despite our differences in religion we always found ourselves having a good time with the sacred herb. We planned to have a wonderful session when he returned from camp and I eagerly awaited his return. The day he got back he confronted me and told me he had changed, he said he was done smoking weed and wanted to live a pure christian life. Apparently this camp taught him that marijuana had become a "false-idol" to him, and that he had been WORSHIPING weed. I know that this wasn't the case because I saw how the herb had allowed him to grow as a person, and he had said that it brought him closer to his religion. He still smokes many cigarettes a day, and appears to be unchanged, except for now he doesn't enjoy weed!

    Can anyone who is experienced in Christianity offer any help? What should I do to get my friend back?? :confused:

    Thanks alot- 420AquaMan
  2. just look up the verse in the bible that says that god gave all seed bearing plants to man to use. it flat out says that. none of the usual hidden meaning/personal interpretation bullshit.

    you can't have intelegent convos with people like that. when they are at that stage religion has taken all logic and reason away from that. so just use thier arcaic bullshit against them.
  3. You can't change someone's opinion on weed. Making them smoke or convincing them to smoke just isn't cool. If he changed, so be it.
  4. Don't push him,, give him one month and see if he isnt hitting you up for a sack :smoking:
  5. Is his cigarette addiction also a false idol?
  6. It is not your job to change your friend, or to hold him a hostage to one set of ideals or principles. You just go on enjoying your herb, and let your friend find his own way. Whatever happens, happens, but if you try to convince him he's wrong, or tell him he's being stupid for what he suddenly believes, you'll only push him further away. You may even piss him off enough to ruin your friendship. You don't want that.
  7. i know a kid that did this,
    comes back from camp all changed,
    smashes two pipes (one wasn't even his)
    the next day he wanted to smoke weed again..
    depends on the person i suppose.
  8. I definitely understand your disappointment. However, it seems you are overly concerned with how it's affecting you, instead of supporting your friend, who is clearly working to make some difficult changes in his life. True friends accept each other for who they are and can remain friends despite their different opinions and values. Pressuring him to do something he doesn't want to seems very unfriendly.

    I don't mean this to be judgmental in any way, it's clear that you value your friendship with him and want the dynamics of your relationship to be the same as before he went to the camp. Obviously you valued more in your friend than just the commonality of enjoying weed together, which is great. Build upon that without judging or condemning his choices.

    I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to talk to him about your concerns, though. If you are true friends, this is a great opportunity to make your friendship even stronger. This one difference of opinion should not destroy your friendship, unless you both let it.
  9. He'll miss it sooner or later. Even if he dosent however, its his loss. Obviously as a friend you can tell him how crazy you think the whole idea is, but maintain that, "oh well! your loss, more for me" attitude and let him decide if this is really what he wants to do and not what 'someone' else is telling him to want to do..
  10. You should ask him why it isn't good to idolize weed when your idolizing a made up figure you "believe" controls every aching moment of your life.

    Then again most religious people don't like me very much.
  11. Find some new people to smoke with, that is all.

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