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Please help ease my mind - Quick Fix 6.2 Dec 2018

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NiceBudz5, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. I have scoured the forums for the past few days and nights, reading success story after success story with Quick Fix 6.2 and I just used it, but I'm scared as hell! I know this is natural.. A little background:

    I try to get clean when I know I'm searching for work or an opportunity may arise, but this job offer came out of nowhere and it's a great damn job, great pay, great benefits, great company. NO time to get clean (I'm a daily smoker and had to test within a week of finding out about the offer). I have friends who work for this company and used Dr. Green's Agent X to pass a total of 4 tests between them, but I've had a bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 for a few months now (thought I may have needed it over the summer but didn't). I decided to go with Quick Fix a few months ago because I saw so many great reviews online. I called Spectrum to confirm the batch was good and I followed directions to a T. I had the temp at about 99 degrees and when I poured it in the sample cup it was 96. I handed it to the tech and she didn't say anything. She split the sample and I saw the side of the cup had a bunch of readings for pH, creatinine levels, etc etc. She ran it through some machine and it printed out a page, but she kept the page hidden from me. This was a non-DOT 9 panel drug screen with an xCup (I don't know if that matters).

    Does the fact that she didn't say anything and a result sheet printed out mean that it worked and I passed??? I know the temp was good. I just can't help but worry. If I have to re-test I am not going to pass, I'd need at least 3 weeks to get clean first. I'm just hoping some folks on here can ease my mind. I'm in California, I saw that some people in Oregon and Washington were getting caught with synthetic. If I get caught it would embarrassing at the least, and crushing to lose out on this job opportunity at the most. The fact that companies are still testing for weed in a legal state is ridiculous. I'm not a damn criminal, I just like to relax after work and on the weekends!! Lol. Thanks for reading and any responses are greatly appreciated!!
  2. Anyone? Lol
  3. Sorry to hear stopped using quick fix like 3 years ago failed twice with it (hope it's different for you) I gotta take another test now I plan on buying the quick fix package dumping out the fake urine and replacing it with clean real urine.

    I got a question how did you keep it in range? I hope to have someone call out and hang with me for the day before my test and if that isn't possible than I wanna see how long I can keep it warm (I'm not a big guy) I might have a physical as well so i am feeling pretty anxious to way the least.

    Any of your tips to keep the urine warm will be appreciated, i mostly want to know if the hand warmer over heated your pee or not.

    The is any way and sorry i coild not help you with your quwstion.

    I do remember though i got called out as soon as the quiclfox got sampled the lab tech laughed and asked why i had so many "nitrates" in my time i tried to give some bs story, he told me not to waste my time he knew it was fake urine (no smell foam color and nitrate count.
    Hope that helped best if luck
  4. Did you pass?

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    Hope so; but not sure what they mean---no foam or smell from the QF? really?! Anyone got info on this?
  6. Hey bud, I've used quick fix to pass every test I've ever had. Only DT I've failed was a mouth swab test (obviously didn't use synthetic urine for that).

    You should be good dude, no worries. If you got the temp in the right general vicinity that you are golden.


    (Used Quick fix 8 times, NO ISSUES)

  7. Never had an issue microwaving til 100 degrees Fahrenheit and then using the handheater to keep the heat. Also when holding the cup to urinate on, hold your hand together on the thermometer strip. I turned in a sample I know wasn't hot enough but passed because the temp strip read my body temperature from my palm.
  8. Just shake the sample before giving it to the nurse. No one if gonna sniff your piss

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