please help drug test today

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. alright its 3:00 right now, I have a drug test at 4:30. I just popped 3 azo's and 2 mouthfulls of viniger (absoulutly discusting).. Right now im just trying to down half a gallon of water. but letting my stomach settle from the vinger for a second. I plan on doing the other half of the gallon around 4:00 before I have to go up there

    I smoked yesterday, and pretty much all week before that too.. I don't really think i'll pass.. but when I talk to my P.O I plan on saying I smoked once 3 weeks ago and that is why I might show up positive.. with all that i've done with the weed still show up really strong.. there are levels on how much THC is in your system.. or could the water/viniger/azo's make me piss clean

    the azo's were cranberry, 450 mg
  2. I really dont know much about DT's, i ignore most of the threads.

    It sounds like your cutting it pretty close though... good luck, man.
  3. azo standards only work ;)

    next time don't smoke if your on pro, bro.
  4. yeah, i fuckin puked that viniger lol i think my last 3 azo's prolly puked up too.. along with half the gallon of water i drank. Oh well, i'll probably just get locked up for a couple of days

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