Please help! Downward curling leaf tips!

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  1. Only the tips of my 2 foot tall veg plants are curling pretty hardcore downwards. Definitely did not over water. Drainage seems to be fine. Ph has been a steady 6.5 all 8 waterings since I bought the clones. Gave one small dose of superthrive two weeks ago. Temperature fluctuates from 70 to 90 throughout the day and night in my grow room/garage. Please tell me what's going on and how to fix this someone!

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  2. Probably getting too much nitrogen through nutrients or the soil, dark green and clawing tips. Would bring lights closer too if possible.
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  3. Agreed with not enough light. They're getting very stretchy.
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  4. W
    They are under 2 diamond 315 LEC lights about 3 1/2 feet above plants. They have been shooting up under these lights but now they are not close enough?
  5. Half that distance at just over 2 feet, or 24" is probably a safer bet.

    They only look like they are growing more because most of the growth is taking place vertically and along the stems to get the leaves closer to the light.
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  6. Shooting up in height usually means that there isn't enough light. I was just making an observation on the inter nodal spacing.
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  7. Wow guys. Thank you so much. Problem solved you were both right. I moved the lights closer and the leaves slowly bounced back.

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