Please help downstem stuck

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  1. yo i need help really bad, i have glass on glass, the remote pushed the downstem down and now it's stuck. i've cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and salt to try to loosen it.....didnt work. i tried boiling water....didnt work. CAN anyone help??? i have one of those rubber grip things i've been trying to make work.....fuck
  2. Pics or no one can help.
  3. Maybe use vegetable oil to lube it up a bit? I wouldnt boil it, i feel like that could just only make the glass expand if anything
  4. If theres absolutely nothing that works you have 2 options. 1. Your new pipe is now a fixed stem pipe. 2. You'll have to break the down stem and chisel the glass out.
  5. i feel like if i could grip it i could gently twist it out, the bong is too nice to break, but if i put one of those rubber grip things between the "squeezers" of the pliers wouldn't that be gentle enough?
  6. Cool the downstem while heating the joint. Fizzix, u noe it?

    Wrap an ice pack around the downstem while running the joint under the hottest kitchen faucet temperature. Tug n twist.
  7. Wooden stick,
    Tap against joint in various places while twisting stem.

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