PLEASE HELP does anyone know what glass blowing technique this would be considered?

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  1. alright so a few years back, i had this SICKKK sherlock, that i was head over heels in LOVE with...and it broke IN THE PILLOW! it was a rainbow spectrum of sparkles in different designs, im not sure how to explain it, imaging spraying little sparkly particles of different sizes corresposning to each color in the spectrum, it just went all the way around the pipe the red had long kinda fibers that looked like what was making it sparkle then as it faded into the orange and yellow the sparkles looked a little shorter and in each color the fibery lookin things were different sizes and i SWEAR the blue and purple part was in a kinda zebra stripe pattern..its not like they used regular color rods to just color the glass, it looked like the fibers were creating the color and sparkle and the were actually INFUSED in the glass, it was my most favorite pipe ive ever had and i CANT find out what the coloration style is OR who makes it. any help would be GREATLY appreciated im gonna post a pic later today but any help now i would LOOOOOOOOOVE
  2. Uh... what?:confused::confused::confused:

    Should have just posted a picture, because that description makes absolutely no sense; or is it just me:confused::eek::bongin:
  3. Probably Dichroic glass.


  4. agreed. that was my first thought.

  5. YAYYYYYYY OH MY GAWD I COULD SHIT MY PANTS IM SO EXCITED!!!!! THANKYOUUUUU im gonna find another one and im gonna protect it with my life! that has to be the greatest glass design ive ever seen. im gonna look up videos on how they do it:] aaaghhh thankyouagaaaain<333

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