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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to this all, so any help is appreciated.

    I am using Soil (Miracle grow moisture control)
    600w MH bulb about 15 inches from the tops
    Miracle grow bloom booster nutes (every other water)
    80 degree temps
    39 humidity
    my tap water is 7.38ph
    my runoff was 7.11ph today

    If there is anything else, I'm happy to put it down

    Is it just I need the ph to be 6.5? Phosphoric Acid?

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    Ok first off for future refrence miracle grow soil and nutes are NOT ideal for growing ganja .
    also metal halide lamps are for early veging stages youre gonna need hps for flowering. i use hps the life of my plants as does alot of other growers. lights need to be 3 to 6 inches from the tops of your plants, if you can stick your hand between your light and tops of plants and dont feel any discomfort then your plants wont either. 5.8 -6.0 is ideal ph for the life of ganja. i suggest you flush your soil and buy a more suitable line of nutrients. if it was me i would try a more organic soil also. things like super thrive or anything high in vitamin b will reduce or totally eliminate shock when trans planting. you can pick super thrive for around 7 us dollars at wal mart or any hardware store. but you dont wanna transplant if you are in the flower stage .yes nutes higher on the phosphoric side are for flowering stage. hope this helps
  3. Rage,

    Thank you very much for your response. As I said, I'm just getting started with this. I read that soil was very important, but I went to my local nursery and they informed me that the miracle grow was "the best". I was disappointed at their response, but I figured it couldn't hurt...

    I'm about 4 weeks into this, so you are saying I can change the soil? Won't the roots be pretty well into the current soil?

    I have no problem changing nutes. I just happened to have some on the shelf and again, figured it couldn't hurt... Do you have any suggestions?

    I have an HPS bulb, I just had read that MH was good for veg and HPS was good for flowering. I read I could do it all with HPS but that it wasnt optimal?

    I'll put it a little closer to the light...but I thought I also read that some people put it like 18-20 inches from the that only during flowering?

    So much info to digest and not all of its the same...

    Again, thank you!
  4. if the soil they are in doesnt have any built in nutes (as many miracle grow products do) then stay with the soil but definately flush it and change nutes. bloom booster wouldnt suffice plants that are not blooming. try finding a local hydroponic store. even tho you are growing in soil they will tend have a better line of nutes for soil and more to choose from than nurseries. i use advanced nutrients but i grow hydroponicly but they have organic soil nutes also. you choose whats best for you wallet but anything is better than miracle grw. hps is optimal and is fine for the life of plants tho i use cfl for clones and seedlings. other than that hps all the way and i keep my lights 3-6 inches from the tops at ALL times just keep a check and make sure they dont grow and touch the bulb.

    hit me up if you need anything else.
  5. I gotta disagree with the light suggestion. 3" away for a 600W MH? I'd never do it. In fact, your pictures look like "light burn" to me.
  6. if you notice how the leaves slightly curl up on the edges light doesnt do that i dont care what kind of spectrum or lumens you run thats a deficiency.

    Leaves have yellow spots on them. Is usually cases of a pH imbalance in the soil, this symptom is likely due to your Plants inability to absorb magnesium

    Doctor Optimara: Potting Soil - pH Imbalance

    and whether you disagree or not i have video blogs and pics of 600 watt hps 3" from plants constantly. and they are misted once a day. been growing indoors for 9 years and the only light burn i ever had was when i allowed the plants to touch the lamp.

    with everything thats going wrong with this grow light would be the last thing an experienced grower would look at.

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