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  1. Hi there, I am growing indoors in a 3x3 tent with a 400 sodium light. Some of my leaves are developing discoloration and dry spots. Here is a photo. Any thoughts? Many thanks!!! Dawn

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  2. Hi Dawn. Wat siol? Nutes? Wat stage they in? Do u ph? More info needed love . Someone on ete then can help love xxx
  3. Hey Kym- Canna a + b, cannazyme, ph balanced. Vegetative stage. Using coco canna soil. Thoughts?
  4. Hi love. Wen i first looked i thought was a bit of burn from lights and nutes but also a potassium defiecincy causes dry edges and patches. Is ya drainage ok dawn? I use coco but mix it wi 50/50%coco to perlite for drainage and airiation. Do u av perlite so ya roots can take up feed right? Also i use canna a b cannazyme ritzotonic at min on some jacks i have. Shorty after grow 2nd leaves i got a wierd defiency too. I checked ppm and the canna feeds wreccommended dose was too strong and i ended up wi lock outs etc. Just wondering if ya feeding full dose dawn? This may be the problem. I feed approx half now to wat canna reccommends and touch wood ... all is brilluant. I highered my ph too to approx 5.8 each time and this helped me too. Wat is ya ph? If a little out of range then it may be causing a pottasium deficiency love. Xxx
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  5. I will give that a try then! Thank you !!
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  6. Excuse me kym u have blackjacks

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  7. Hi love . No jack herer love x

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