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  1. hey peoples,

    I've noticed this leaf symptom appearing in the last week.

    This plant has been vegging in my greenhouse for about 3 months. It's in a 5 gal smart pot with kind soil, fox farm soil. Haven't added any nutes, just worm castings and another top dressing of super soil in the last day or two.

    I've battled some bugs this summer. And have been using been spray and leaf washing to try and combat the problem. I think this may have led to me overwatering while in the the greenhouse with the hose.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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  2. Meant to say "spraying neem oil, and washing the leaves". Thanks.
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    Are you spraying neem with the lights on?
  5. If you've had it to the point of roots being saturated for an extended period of time, it could likely be over watering. But if it's been in that soil for that long with only some top dressing with fresh soil and no actual feeding, it's very likely hungry too. Repot up into a larger container with fresh soil if you want to let the soil do the work for a few more weeks...and it will, but if you plan to leave it in the 5 gal. container, you're going to have to start feeding the plant. If you've never done that before, do yourself a favor and read up on what the plant actually needs at this point in it's life and what it will need as it advances on through it's cycles. You get the most out of them (nutes/plant food) when you understand what you're doing and why. They require more of some things during flower than they do during veg. The transition period when they switch from veg into flower is an important time with feeding. But the more you understand about the plant and what it needs, the better plant you'll get. Hope this helps you some. TWW
  6. The whole plant would be drooping with too much water,and not enough..i dont have an answer.but its not your watering.

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